WSATools (Android APK installation on Windows 11) returns to Microsoft Store with a new version

Disclaimer: WSATools is not an official Microsoft application and is in no way linked to it. This app is also unrelated to Amazon and Google.

Easy to use apk installer for Windows Subsystem for Android ™ ️.

WSATools is a simple apk installer for Windows 11 Subsystem for Android designed to be intuitive and make the user instantly feel at home.

– Explorer integration for APK files: double click and tap Install! – Easy APK installation: just a click away. – No need to install ADB and know its commands.

WSATools takes care of everything!

– If you already have the platform-tools package in your path, it will use that one! – More features to come! * IMPORTANT * WSATools currently requires a few prerequisites to run, otherwise you will not be able to use it: – Windows Subsystem for Android – Amazon Appstore (which includes Windows Subsystem for Android) – Android Debug Bridge (ADB – which can be installed from inside the app if you don’t have it!) – You must be registered for the Dev or Beta channel in the Insider program, as Windows Subsystem for Android only ships in these channels for the moment. Disclaimer 2 – Return: Android robot in app icon reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used under terms described in the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.

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