Wichita Falls Regional Airport is home to glass art installation

A colorful student art project took off this week at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

Advanced arts students from Wichita Falls High, Hirschi High, Rider High, Iowa Park High and Newcastle High participated in a program funded by a grant from the McCoy Foundation. They visited Carlyn Ray Designs’ glassblowing studio in Dallas, TX in September.

Students learned about glassblowing, molten glass, and glass sagging processes.

Michelle Carson of Carlyn Ray Designs installs colorful glass birds at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.  The pieces were created by art students in the Wichita Falls area as part of the Art Reaching Out program.

The studio’s Art Reaching Out project included 50 students and 80 bird-shaped works of art were created.

One of 80 colorful fused glass art bird pieces created by art students in the Wichita Falls area is being installed at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.  The project is part of the Wichita Falls Arts Council and Art Reaching Out to expose high school art students to a wide range of artistic experiences.

“Art Reaching Out is dedicated to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) projects. So Carlyn really enjoys reaching out to local kids and making sure they know glass is part of their everyday life and that not only can it be used in art, it can also be used in technology and engineering, ”said Heather Spiewak, glass arts specialist at Carlyn Ray Designs.

Fused glass artwork is set up on permanent display at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport on Wednesday.  The birds were created at the Carlyn Ray Designs glass art studio with 50 art students from wichita Falls helping to decorate the glass artwork.

The colorful bird-shaped pieces are suspended by a thin wire attached to the airport ceiling next to a huge floor-to-ceiling window. The light from the window captures and celebrates the great variety of colors and shapes in fused glass.

Some of the 80 colorful glass birds are installed as a permanent art installation at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.  The artwork was created by art students from the Wichita Falls area during a field trip to the Carlyn Ray Designs art studio.

“The students were able to work in the studio with the artists to create works of glass art. They made a component of blown glass, they were able to create a small piece of blown glass themselves and take it home. The second part is what’s being installed which was fused glass, and they all worked on fused glass birds, decorated them, it went into the fusion process and now the studio is in the process. to install this work of art in a permanent exhibit here at the Wichita Falls airport, ”said Kristine Thueson of the Kemp Center for the Arts.

The exhibition is open to the public.

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