University of Manchester China Center launches carbon-neutral office scheme, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals

SHANGHAI, February 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The China Center at the University of Manchester (“China Center or “the Centre”) has announced the master plan for its “Carbon-Neutral Office” program as part of its initiative to help the University to establish a net zero energy campus and join global action to address climate change. The program is built on four pillars – smart workplace transformation, smart office system development, monitoring and accounting of carbon emissionsas good as a roadmap to carbon neutrality and the digital office – which will enable the Center to reduce its carbon footprint and build an environmentally friendly office system in the coming years.

The University of Manchester is proud to be a unique, world-class higher education institution that incorporates social responsibility as one of its three fundamental strategic objectives, alongside its commitments to research and discovery, as well as teaching and learning. learning. The Center’s Framework Plan for the “Carbon Neutral Office” program aligns with the University’s sustainability goals and social responsibility visions, serving as an inspiration for students, faculty and staff to make more significant progress in the fight against climate change.

“This year, the University of Manchester was named the world’s number one university in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings and topped the ranking of more than 1,200 universities from 98 countries and regions on actions towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) United. AT Manchester, we believe that universities exist for the public good. To support this, we are undertaking work against the 17 SDGs,” said Sherry Fugeneral manager of China Center.

“With this program, China Center will continue to support the University of Manchester build a green campus and empower China and beyond as the world accelerates towards a more sustainable future,” she added.

Since its inception in 2008, the China Center at the University of Manchester has strived to bring positive impacts and benefits to society through a variety of initiatives and activities. The Center organizes monthly and annual events related to CSR and was invited to the 2021 Sustainability and ESG Summit organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in 2021, where he signed the Chamber Pledge alongside many UK businesses and institutions to protect the environment. Aiming to achieve zero carbon by 2038, the University of Manchester also reduced paper usage by converting physical books and journals to electronic copies.

While striving to strengthen its academic capacity, the University of Manchester hopes to inspire and produce more socially responsible graduates by stimulating new ideas, actions and cooperation, working with entrepreneurs, world leaders, social activists and scientists to achieve the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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