Top 19 Investing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Earning money is daunting enough, but many people find that once they have it, they have no idea how to grow it. Investing is a tall order, and in a time when there are so many websites, blogs, and podcasts to turn to for advice, it can be difficult to sift through all the chatter and find some actually useful information.

While there aren’t as many investing podcasts as there are true crime podcasts, there are still plenty of options to choose from in this space that provide practical advice. What’s even better, however, is that these podcasts cater to a wide variety of expertise levels and interests, so no matter how much you already know and what you want to invest in, there’s almost certainly a podcast that will do.

Best Investing Podcasts for Beginners

The Investing for Beginners Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast is hosted by two regular guys with no financial background who learned the industry on their own, and they share their insights with their listeners.


Silver Planet

This podcast takes complex financial concepts and puts human stories behind them, often discussing economics-related issues in ways you could with your fairly financially savvy friends.


What are the news

What's up logo.

A daily news podcast with a financial twist, this brief show gives you everything you need to know each morning to make informed financial decisions without overwhelming you with too much information.


LifeKit: SilverLifeKit: Money Logo

Offering financial advice that takes into account everything you can do with your money (pay off loans, save for college funds, etc.), LifeKit: Money knows that financial decisions have an emotional valence and that part of the equation deserves attention.


Jill on the moneyJill on the money logo.

Jill Schlesinger is a financial expert who knows her audience is full of people who aren’t. She offers advice on how to think about your finances, and she gives prudent tips and tricks.


The show his and his moneyThe His & Her Money Show logo.

Hosted by a married couple who have found success in investing, this podcast features interviews with successful people who unlock the tools and tricks they used to get where they are today.


Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Real Estate Podcast BiggerPocketsBiggerPockets real estate podcast logo.

An interview show with a specific topic in mind, the hosts of this podcast ask real estate investors about their successes and failures, and ask them how they found the success they have today.


The Best Real Estate Investing Tips Ever FeaturedLogo of the best real estate investment advice of all time.

This show has already logged over 2,000 episodes, and host Joe Fairless continues to release new ones every day covering the changing nature of the real estate market.


Old Dawg REI Network with Bill MonaserroOld Dawg REI Network Logo

This show focuses primarily on how real estate investing can prepare you for retirement. Monaserro is a retiree who shows how investments in multi-family homes and other properties can lead to a solid financial foundation.


The Real Estate Guys Radio ShowThe Real Estate Radio Guys logo.

A show that predates the idea of ​​podcasts, this show has been on the radio weekly since 1997, and it has built a dedicated following of people who want to learn about real estate investing and be entertained at the same time.


Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco SantarelliPassive real estate investment logo.

Specializing in turnkey real estate, this podcast is a great starting point for busy investors looking for ways to grow their money without the constant maintenance.


The remote real estate investorThe Remote Real Estate Investor logo.

This show focuses specifically on investors who invest hundreds of miles from where they live. The podcast covers topics such as the best markets to invest in, no matter where you live.


Best Podcasts for Investing Overall

Motley Fool MoneyMotley Fool Money logo.

This show examines the top business and financial news of the week and explains what its implications might be for the stock market as well as new stocks coming onto the host’s radar.


CNBC’s Quick MoneyCNBC's Fast Money logo.

A news-focused podcast designed to bring actionable insights to investors who want up-to-date information to use when managing their portfolios.


Invest like the bestInvest like the best logo.

An admittedly advanced yet insightful podcast, Invest Like the Best features interviews and expertise from some of the finest minds in finance, but may also require you to take some notes.


The buyers podcastThe Podcast Acquirers logo.

A balanced look at the investment market from investors who represent a wide range of different interests, this show is hosted by three people who manage their portfolios in radically different ways and they offer advice on how to same.


The Canadian investorThe Canadian investor logo.

This podcast isn’t afraid to get into the details of investments and balance sheets, but it breaks it all down in a way that’s easy to understand and practical for investors with limited time.


The Rich Dad ShowThe Rich Dad radio show logo.

An interview show featuring ideas for listeners that are meant to set them up for financial success, this program is all about hearing from successful people about how you can grow your own wealth.


The Peter Schiff Show PodcastThe Peter Schiff lounge logo.

In this podcast, economist and financial broker Peter Schiff breaks down global financial markets with an eye to the numbers behind them, offering a deeply analytical perspective.


If you spend most of your time balancing work and personal life, the last thing you need to worry about is where to put your money day in and day out. These podcasts aren’t foolproof, but each one is designed to connect listeners with smart financial minds who have experienced growing their own wealth and want to help others achieve similar success.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of investing or already have some expertise, these podcasts will help you become a more well-rounded investor who can make informed decisions in the context of a sometimes turbulent economy. Investments are always risky ventures, and no one can guarantee that your money will grow. What these podcasts offer instead is enough expertise to make smart decisions that will hopefully leave you richer than when you started.

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