The user manual shows that the boy has exceeded the weight limits of the attraction

The user manual for Orlando FreeFall, the drop tower at ICON Park where a 14-year-old boy died last week after apparently falling from the ride’s restraints, says the boy exceeded weight restrictions of the merry-go-round.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the agency that inspects and oversees certain attractions in Florida, released a handful of documents related to its initial investigation, including the operations manual and previous inspections.

Pages 57 and 58 of the 176-page manual discuss driver limitations and restrictions. You can check the manual below.

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“Be careful when seeing if tall guests fit into the seats. Check that they fit the contours of the seat and that the support fits correctly. If not – Don’t let that person ride“, reads the manual (the line in bold is in bold in the manual).

There is a similar line for smaller riders, although the concern is to ensure a rider cannot slip out of the seat. The minimum height required is 125 centimeters, or about four feet, according to the operations manual.

There is no minimum weight restriction, but there is a maximum weight restriction: 130 kilograms, or about 286 pounds, according to the online conversion.

Tire Sampson, the 14-year-old who died, was six-foot-five and weighed 340 pounds, according to his father, Yarnell Sampson. If true, that would mean Tyree exceeded the maximum weight requirement by 54 pounds.

Other restrictions listed in the handbook include ensuring riders are in “good physical and mental condition, particularly not under the influence of drugs or alcohol”, and have no health problems. heart or back health.

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Tire was in Orlando for a football program, his father said, and with another family from Missouri. They went to ICON Park last Thursday to have some fun.

The Orlando FreeFall is billed as the tallest drop tower in the world, according to the ICON Park website, which has since removed the attraction’s webpage from the site. It rises to 430 feet and takes passengers to the top, tilts riders forward briefly, then freefalls about 400 feet at 75 miles per hour.

It opened in December 2021. The attraction has remained closed since Thursday while an investigation is carried out.

On Monday, the owners of ICON Park sent a letter to the Slingshot Group of Companies, owner of Orlando FreeFall and Orlando Slingshot, another park attraction, and demanded that both rides be closed immediately and until to have their security verified.

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FOX 35 has contacted Slingshot Group for comment. We have not received a response. The status of Orlando Slingshot operations is unknown.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, both rides were inspected on December 20, 2021, and both passed. Since these were new rides, they would be inspected six months later, in June.

Because the rides were less than six months old, a second inspection had not yet been performed, the department said.

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