The US Air Force will provide facility defenders with next-generation helmets

The US Air Force has announcement it will distribute the security forces NextGen 2.0 helmet to defenders at its facilities later this year.

The purchase of the ballistic helmets is part of an initiative by the Air Force Security Forces Center (AFSFC) to allow Defenders to mount a wider variety of accessories.

The 2.0 helmet includes a chinstrap extension for gas masks, a bolt-on accessory rail, and an adjustable/replaceable night vision goggle mount.

Protective gear functionality builds on Security Forces NextGen 1.0 released in 2020 and is part of the center’s “Attrition Replacement Program”.

“In modern society, we all know the urge to update our phones to the latest and greatest model, but that hasn’t translated into some of the most important things in our profession, like the ballistic helmets,” said AFSFC Master Sgt. John Sutherland said.

“As the world’s preeminent air power, we are making great strides in updating and improving airframes and other operational technologies, so it makes sense to modernize the equipment used by those who defend them.”

NextGen 2.0 helmet for security forces. Photo: Gregory Hand/AFSFC

Research and commissioning for the 2.0 helmet

Prior to the 2.0 helmet going live, surveys were conducted to determine the standards required by defenders.

“Feedback from the field is key and is actually why some of the features of the 2.0 helmet were developed,” explained the program manager.

“No amount of testing or technical assessments will cover everything because at the end of the day only defenders know what defenders need.”

The helmets were also tested in training that involved mounted and dismounted operations, low crawl/high crawl, and other air base defense drills.

“The best way to get feedback from the field is to put our equipment through real-life, hands-on scenarios a Defender might face at every stage of their career, from freshman year through retirement,” said Defender Instructor Supervisor. Tech. sergeant. Travis Hillard said.

“These helmets were soaked in sweat and covered in sand, and after hours of use each tester was fitted with a gas mask and jacket to ensure compatibility with the helmet,” he added. .

Latest equipment for defenders

The constant provision of new and updated equipment to facility defenders will enable the development of the elite weapon systems they require when operating in a modern operations arena, depending on the force.

“Threats are growing and evolving, so it’s critical our team provides the company with the latest technology to ensure mission capabilities are not hampered and our greatest assets are protected,” said Sgt. -Chief AFSFC Safety Equipment Manager. Raymond Santiago said.

“Five years from now, we may be implementing IPE (personal protective equipment) solutions that we only saw in science fiction a few years ago.”

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