The Perpendicular Parallel installation is back in its full glory

Perpendicular parallel installation

Artist Phillip K. Smith III’s Parallel Perpendicular installation is back in its glorious glory. Three signs malfunctioned last week following power outages in West Hollywood. A crew was seen working on the art sculpture yesterday in the Robertson Gardens area of ​​West Hollywood Park, on N. Robertson Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. The panels in question shone again last night.

Perpendicular parallel installation

“The power outage the other day had tripped a few circuit breakers for Parallel Perpendicular,” the artist told WEHO TIMES. “My studio team just flipped the breakers and the sculpt is back on. Just wanted you to know the panels weren’t fried, but thanks for alerting us so we can fix the issue.

Smith said he is working with the city and the electrician for the park project to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Growing up going to the Blue Building with my mom, who was an interior designer, I’m SO honored to have been able to create this piece of art for WeHo and the renovated park as part of the city’s public art program. city,” he added. . “It was my hope to create a work that was meditative, calming, celebrating WeHo and always in a state of change.”

Perpendicular parallel installation

The Parallel Perpendicular installation debuted earlier this year. The art installation is comprised of five freestanding mirrored volumes composed of parallel and perpendicular planes that hover in a circle 40 feet in diameter.

Public art is meant to be a fully interactive work. During the day, these shapes reflect the park’s visitors and surroundings, as well as views of surrounding West Hollywood. At night, mirrored surfaces become pure fields of color that slowly move across the color spectrum. These colors reflect, merging with the colors, creating new spaces of color, projection and reflection.

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