Tesla requested installation of CCS Supercharger connectors in Texas

Tesla has applied for permission to install Supercharger stations in Texas with CCS connectors. This is a first for the company, as part of its move to other adapters to also accommodate non-Tesla vehicles. Tesla applied to the Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP).

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The TxVEMP program which funds projects using the diesel door scandal settlement, specifically projects that help maintain air quality in Texas. This program also includes the financing of charging stations for electric vehicles. For a month, they have been accepting requests for new charging station installations. According to Tesla’s filing, the application calls for grants ranging from $ 375,000 to $ 500,000, which will be used to install four different Tesla supercharge stations.

In order for Tesla or any other automaker to receive the grant, the condition is that they install at least one CCS or CHAdeMO connector. Which is indicated as,

  • “At least one Charge from Move (CHAdeMO) connector and one Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE CCS) Combined Charging System Charging Protocol connector per application.”
  • “If alternative connectors are to be included in an application, there must be at least one CHAdeMO and / or SAE CCS load protocol connector for each alternative connector included in the application. “

The big change concerns Tesla, as the company has already made efforts to give other electric vehicles access to its charging network. Around 10 Superchargers are open in the Netherlands to other electric vehicles.

Tesla Superchargers

Tesla has approximately 25,000 Superchargers worldwide and the network continues to grow at a faster rate. As the company expands its vehicle sales to many countries, the charging network is also increasing. Tesla having a CCS charging station should mean it will have a different integration. CHEdeMO connection points are not particularly used these days. However, having a CCS charging station would be neglecting Tesla owners, which is hardly possible. However, they may be using an adapter that can be used by owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles.

In Europe, Tesla uses the CCS standard, so non-Tesla vehicles can easily use the supercharging network. However, in North America an adapter may be required. Regarding prices, the information provided by Tesla for the Netherlands is,

“Pricing for non-Tesla drivers reflects the additional costs incurred to support billing for a wide range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate those vehicles. The rates vary by site and you can view the charging rates in the Tesla app. The price per kWh to be billed can be lowered with a recharge subscription.

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