Studies indicate success of speed reduction program at Guyton

GUYTON — The electronic crime partner for the City of Guyton and the Guyton Police Department appears to be doing a good job.

According to a press release on Monday, the first phase of their speed reduction program reduced the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit in front of Guyton Elementary School by 69%. This is according to studies carried out from March 9-12, 2021 and August 8-12.

In an effort to reduce speeding, the Town of Guyton and the Guyton Police Department, in partnership with Blue Line Solutions, have launched a School Zone Photo Enforcement Program. Automated Speed ​​Control Technology (ASET) identifies vehicles and determines their speed through the use of a laser beam. Blue Line Solutions calculates its speed calculation capability to be 100% accurate.

Cameras capture tag numbers of trips at least 11 mph or more over the speed limit.

During the initial study, 11,868 vehicles passed through the Guyton school zone. Six hundred and eighty-four of them exceeded the 25mph speed limit by at least 11mph.

In the second study conducted during the second week of the new school year, only 210 of 10,689 vehicles exceeded the speed limit by at least 11 mph.

“So we still have work to do, but we’re proud to say it’s working,” the press release read. “Thank you, Guyton, for making our school zone a safer place to walk, plan and learn!”

No citations were issued as a result of the Blue Line Solutions program. However, it is nearing the end of a 30-day grace period where only warnings were sent to violators.

An initial quote will cost $75 plus a $25 processing fee. The penalty will increase for the second and subsequent violations.

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