St. Lawrence Music & Digital Media students ‘interact’ with downtown facility for ‘learning-by-doing’

Students from the Music and Digital Media program at St. Lawrence College visit the Impulse Installation in downtown Kingston. The experience involves interactive play on seesaws to activate sounds and lights. Photo by Lucas Wimmer.

Students from St. Lawrence College’s Music and Digital Media program participated in a hands-on arts field trip on Monday, January 31, 2022. The sophomore Integrated Arts/Installations class moved to downtown Kingston to visit Impulsean experiential installation that consists of sitting on swings to activate sounds and lights.

Students in the Music and Digital Media program explore a variety of subjects, ranging from traditional music studies to digital media, audio engineering and audio production, sound design, music composition for visual media, video production, ensemble work, art installations and several integrated arts courses. . Acquiring a diverse skill set puts them in a positive position for future careers in a world that increasingly demands that new employees enter the workforce with multiple talents.

SLC Music & Digital Media students had the pleasure of discovering how the interactive slice works. The students in this photo, from left to right, are Caleb Russell, Natalia Uporova, Adam Dashney and Julia Good. Photo by Colin Bieganek.
exploring Impulse in downtown Kingston has inspired SLC students for their own upcoming projects. Photo by Colin Bieganek.
All field trips are not created equal – Getting first-hand experience of the interactive displays, which will remain on King Street across from Springer Market Square until Tuesday, February 22, 2022, was another kind of hands-on learning, part of what SLC calls “Action Learning.” Photo by Lucas Wimmer.

The field trip was a mandatory visit for second year students of the Integrated Arts/Installations course. The aim was to inspire them in the development of their own culminating art installations which will be exhibited publicly in April. Past showcases can be accessed on the St. Lawrence College Music and Digital Media YouTube channel, where the upcoming spring showcase in April will be featured in the future.

As the daylight dwindled during their visit, the SLC students were able to see Impulse under a “different light” and get a sense of the full dynamics of the screen experience. Photo by Julia Good.
The dark blue of the evening sky and quieter road traffic allowed for a full experience of the interactive slice of sound and light production. The SLC students in this photo are Colin Bieganek, left, and Matthew Wren.
Adding a warm glow to the otherwise dull and dreary February night, Impulse was able to demonstrate to students the real impact that such creative digital installations can create. Photo by Lucas Wimmer.

As part of the trip, students in SLC’s Music and Digital Media class took their own photos of the experience. All the photos above were taken by these students. Impulse is the creation of Canadian design firms Lateral Office and CS Design.

Mark Aidan Bergin is a Kingston-based photographer, writer and educator. He is currently a professor at St. Lawrence College, and his work has been published in Kingston and Frontenac County, across the province and country, and around the world. Her Street Ballerinas Performance Art project is well known locally for featuring local professional ballerinas juxtaposed against some of Kingston’s most iconic and unique sets.

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