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This week, as we move closer to the scheduled April 19 adjournment, the Senate addressed a number of policies ranging from tackling nuisance bars, allowing electronic insurance notices, and developing language and literacy for deaf children.

The last weeks of session are also the time when state budgets for the next financial year must be drawn up, negotiated and adopted. We have been and remain committed to adopting conservative and sustainable budgets, carefully providing funds to areas such as mental health, public safety and education, while ensuring that the most significant tax cuts on Iowa’s story income remain enduring.

Senate Republicans pass maternal support programs

During my time in the Senate, one of my priorities has been access to maternal health to ensure that mothers and babies receive the support they need to ensure positive outcomes.

This week, the Senate introduced a bill this week to create more options for maternal support programs in Iowa and use a nonprofit to promote healthy pregnancies and births. Enacting pro-life legislation and protecting life has been important principles for us on Capitol Hill, and this legislation provides pregnant women with supportive options to give them the health care and services they need. needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Under this bill, Senate File 2381, the Department of Human Services would create the More Options for Maternal Support program, or MOMS program. It is a statewide program to promote healthy pregnancies and births and personalized support for pregnant women. It also provides stability, promotes better pregnancy outcomes, improves child health and development, and family economic self-sufficiency.

The program would provide a number of support services to pregnant women, including nutritional services, housing assistance, education and adoption services, childcare assistance, parenting education and support, health tests and screenings, and counselling. It would also include items that help women after childbirth, such as cribs, car seats, diapers and formula.

Additionally, the bill also extends postpartum coverage for women on Medicaid from 60 days to 12 months. This extension gives more support to women after the birth of their child and they adapt to life as a parent.

Senate File 2381 invests in women and their babies and helps them succeed in those all-important first years of life. It ensures that women know their options and have all the information and support they need. I was proud to support this bill and happy to see it pass the Senate with a bipartisan vote of 32 to 16.

Governor’s Workforce Bill Passes Senate

On Tuesday, the Senate passed Senate Docket 2383, another proposal from Governor Reynolds to address the labor shortage. It meets our workforce needs by eliminating regulations, reducing barriers to licensing and increasing career opportunities. The bill changes the current healthcare loan waiver and recruitment programs to cover more professionals, providing greater opportunities for people in rural areas and needy professions in the medical community. Another provision ensures that work-based learning is properly structured by school districts to provide exposure to well-paying careers outside of post-secondary education.

SF 2383 builds on Iowa’s existing quality of life programs for our active duty military, veterans, and their spouses. It expedites professional and professional licensing for military spouses and veterans and eliminates barriers to entry by waiving application and first renewal fees. This bill also eliminates costly barriers and regulations for workers and housing projects by prohibiting a county or city from requiring an inspection of a manufactured home that has already been inspected by the U.S. Department of Housing. and urban development.

This bill is another piece of the puzzle for solving the labor shortage. It moves Iowans from unemployment to re-employment by encouraging student career success, supporting our healthcare professionals, and reducing financial and regulatory barriers to entering the workforce.

We’re making Iowa stronger as we continue to cut taxes, get Iowans back to work, and solve the problems created by the reckless policies of Washington, DC and the excesses of the federal government. We will continue to support our students, veterans, and workforce to improve the quality of life for all Iowans. SF 2383 is another piece of legislation that delivers on the promises we made to implement pro-growth reforms and address the challenges facing Iowa.

As we wind down the last days and weeks of the legislative session, I encourage you to contact me about issues and bills that interest you. It was a historic session. I look forward to picking up more wins and continuing to make Iowa a better place. Please feel free to contact me at (563) 289-7335 or [email protected]

Sen. Chris Cournoyer, R-LeClaire, represents District 49 in the Iowa Senate.

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