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Initial project challenges engineers to tackle indoor air pollution using the new DesignSpark environmental sensor development platform

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, November 22, 2021RS components (RS), a trademark of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global omnichannel provider of product and service solutions, has launched its DesignSpark #ActivistEngineering program, further strengthening the company’s commitment to engage and inspire engineers from design around the world to “make amazing happen for a better world”.

The DesignSpark #ActivistEngineering program kicks off with a pilot project addressing the challenges of increasing air pollution, in particular indoor pollution caused by airborne particles, household odors and gases, carbon dioxide, among others. Air Quality Project Urges Over One Million Registered Members of the DesignSpark Engineering Community to Help Design, Build and Deploy a Global Network of Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitors for the Home , the workplace or other public indoor spaces and share the collected data in the community.

To support the project, RS unveiled a new cloud-enabled open source prototyping platform that consists of open source hardware and code developed in collaboration with DesignSpark partners. The DesignSpark environmental sensor development platform is based on a Raspberry Pi single board computer with wireless connectivity to connect to the cloud. The kit includes a set of air quality sensor modules that plug into a Raspberry Pi compatible board with touchscreen. The 3D printed platform and cases are optimized for the Raspberry Pi 3B + model, although any model can be used. It is also compatible with peripheral modules (PMOD), allowing connection to a wide range of PMOD expansion cards.

The air quality project will run in three phases for six months starting in November 2021, with a small group of first phase participants selected to test Alpha the sensor development platform. These users will create and share inspiring projects with the DesignSpark community, paving the way for the second phase of the project which will be extended to all DesignSpark members with an opportunity to win one of 50 sensor kits. Commercial availability will follow in the final phase.

“Sustainability is essential for the future of our planet, which is why we are calling on engineers around the world to use their skills and take action,” said Mike Bray, Group Leader – Innovation and DesignSpark at Electrocomponents. “Through programs like this, we hope engineers will come together in strength to create sustainable designs that will make a positive difference for people and communities.

The launch of the DesignSpark #ActivistEngineering program supports the broader goals of the Electrocomponents Group, which has published its ESG 2030 Global Action Plan November 4, 2021.

To find out how engineers can get involved, please visit / activist-engineering-engineering-a-better world

About RS Components

RS Components is a trademark of Electrocomponents plc, a global omnichannel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations. We stock more than 650,000 industrial and electronic products, sourced from over 2,500 leading suppliers, and provide a wide range of product and service solutions to over 1.2 million industrial customers. With operations in 32 countries, we trade through multiple channels and ship c. 60,000 packages per day.

We support our customers throughout the product lifecycle, whether through innovation and technical support during the design phase, improving time to market and productivity during the construction phase. , or by reducing purchasing costs and optimizing stocks in the maintenance phase. We provide our clients with tailor-made product and service proposals that are essential to the smooth running of their business and help them save time and money.

Electrocomponents plc has nine operating brands: RS Components, Allied Electronics & Automation, RS PRO, OKdo, DesignSpark, IESA, Synovos, Needlers and Liscombe.

For more information on RS, please visit the website at

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