QTSAS Amends Application Handbook and Assessment Criteria for the Restaurant Industry

MACAO, April 8 – Following the entry into force of the Macao SAR Hotel Establishment Operation Law No. 8/2021 in 2022, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has made the adjustments necessary for the application rules and the allocation mechanism of the “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” (“QTSAS” or the “Scheme”) for the restaurant sector. The application manual and the evaluation criteria have been modified accordingly.

Reclassification of the catering sector

Under the adjusted application rules, QTSAS now groups catering businesses into four applicable sub-categories, namely “Restaurant (hotel)”, “Restaurant (non-hotel)”, “Food and beverage establishment” and “Simple catering establishment”. The “Special Theme Award” is newly available in the reward mechanic while some of the existing accolades are renamed.

Due to the pandemic situation, the Board has suspended the QTSAS Foodservice Application Program in 2022. The evaluation and awarding of the new award will only begin after the program resumes operations. The public can browse Macao Tourism Industry Net: https://industry.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/page/content.php?page_id=237 for the latest QTSAS Application Manual and Adjusted Industry Assessment Criteria of restoration.

Emergency arrangements in the context of the pandemic

Considering the pandemic situation, MGTO is implementing its emergency arrangements for QTSAS this year as follows. QTSAS will not process new applications from the catering industry in 2022. Supervision and assessment, however, will be conducted on accredited catering businesses under the adjusted assessment criteria this year. On the other hand, the program discontinued the submission of applications and the evaluation of travel agencies in 2022, but the relevant accreditations remain valid for the awarded merchants. Regarding the retail sector, MGTO will continue its collaboration with the Consumer Council, which includes QTSAS and the Certified Shop Scheme.

MGTO will pursue QTSAS to support the improvement of the quality of tourism services overall, while encouraging members of tourism and related industries to join together to provide excellent travel experiences, aligned with the development of Macau in a world center for tourism and leisure.

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