Pilot program approved to expand installation of electric car chargers in UP

Upper Peninsula Power Co. (UPPCO) will see more electric car chargers installed after the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved rate changes and a new accounting process in their first effort to electrify commercial vehicles in Michigan. the Upper Peninsula on Thursday.

The Michigan Public Service Commission says the approval will allow UPPCO customers, including municipalities and nonprofits, to access funding to help cover charger installation costs. of electric cars. This includes $110 million for electric car charging infrastructure that Michigan receives through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The order will also allow UPPCO to create a regulatory asset of up to $750,000 over approximately three years to support contributions to electric car chargers that customers can install with financial assistance from the Ministry of Health’s Charger Grant Program. Environment, Great Lakes and Energy of Michigan (EGLE). . Under this program, EGLE funds one-third of a shipper’s costs and utilities while customers pay one-third.

Additionally, the MPSC order approves UPPCO’s request to amend its General Service Tariff to allow for expanded application allowing customers to receive electrical service via request waiver until January 1, 2027. After that date, UPPCO would bundle electric car chargers with a dedicated service that has similar usage type customers for future pricing purposes.

The order also continues to fund transportation electrification, as well as further study into how the growth of electric cars could impact UPPCO’s power grid.

According to UPPCO, they will work with their customers to identify potential charger locations to minimize possible distribution system upgrades, and will provide the MPSC with an annual report providing information on the chargers installed under the pilot program, a map of their locations and how much they are using monthly or seasonally.

To learn more about EGLE’s Electric Car Charger Grant Program, click here.

For more information on the Michigan Public Service Commission, click here.

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