Photos: Manual Artemis Mission Scavenger Hunt Returns to Kennedy Space Center

Today we were invited to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to participate in the Artemis Mission Manual Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt takes you all around the visitor complex to learn more about the Artemis program.

You receive this booklet, entitled “Next Giant Leap”, which guides you in the treasure hunt.

We start at the Apollo/Saturn V Center to learn about the Human Landing System (HLS) designed to be repurposed for both launch and landing systems for the Moon and eventually Mars.

Next stop is the Space Shuttle Atlantis Building to learn more about Launch Complex 39B upgrades and of course to see the beauty of the last shuttle to be in space, Atlantis.

Planet Play isn’t just a great place for little space explorers to burn off some extra energy and participate in the LEGO Education Zone, but for the Artemis Mission Hands-On Treasure Hunt, we discover Gateway, the lunar outpost that will orbit the Moon.

Each Artemis Adventure location has a banner with a QR code that takes you to a YouTube video on that topic. Orion’s location is listed under the old NASA Now exhibit name, but is actually outside of the new LEGO Build to Launch.

Journey to Mars is about the next big trip after Artemis takes us back to the Moon and where we learn more about the Space Launch System (SLS).

The Heroes and Legends exhibit is our final stop on the hunt, here we take a look at the Artemis Generation spacesuit while paying homage to those who paved the way.

After visiting all six stations, return to Information or Space Shop on the way out to collect a prize!

The treasure hunt prize is this “Next Giant Leap” collectible pin.

Loungefly has created a new line exclusively for the Kennedy Space Center.

The The Artemis Mission Manual Treasure Hunt is available every day until August 7 at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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