NOFO | Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program Funding Opportunity 2022 | Closing: December 15, 2021

F.2 Review and selection process

The Small Grants Office strives to ensure that each application receives a balanced assessment by a review committee. The Small Grants Office will determine the technical eligibility of all applications. Proposals that meet the evaluation criteria and move to the next level will be notified of the next steps in the application process. Non-eligible applicants will be informed that they are not considered for funding


G.1 Federal award notice

The Small Grants Office will provide a separate notification to applicants on the outcome of their applications. Successful applicants will receive an email letter asking them to respond to the panel’s questions, conditions and recommendations. This notification is not an authorization to start activities and does not constitute formal approval or a commitment of funding. Final approval is contingent on the applicant successfully meeting the panel’s conditions and recommendations, being registered in the required systems, including SAM registration, unless an exemption is provided, and ” complete and provide any additional documents requested by the Small Grants Office.

The Federal Award Notice signed by the Department’s Guaranteed Grants Officers is the only authorization document.

G.2 National administrative and policy requirements

The uniform administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal grants set out in 2 CFR Chapter 200 (subchapters A through F) apply to all non-federal entities except grants. assistance to individuals and foreign public entities (for more information on these exceptions, see chapters 5, Federal assistance to individuals, and 6, Directive on federal assistance to foreign public entities.) Sub-chapters A to E apply to all foreign organizations, and subchapters A through D apply to all U.S. and foreign for-profit entities.

The award applicant / recipient and any sub-recipient of the award must comply with all applicable terms and conditions, in addition to the assurance and certifications set out in the award notice. The general conditions of the ministry can be consulted at the address

G.3 Reports

Applicants should be aware that Small Grants Program grants will require that all reports (financial and progress) be submitted on a quarterly basis. SSH requires recipients to adhere to specific procurement, reporting and record keeping requirements. The Embassy will transfer the SSH funds to the beneficiaries by electronic funds transfer in two installments, in US dollars (the receiving bank will convert the funds to UGX at the current exchange rate). The beneficiaries are

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