‘Never Too Much, Always Enough’ Temporary Art Installation Marks Bicentenary of Frederick Law Olmsted

The City of Boston Mayor’s Mural Team and the National Park Service recently unveiled their collaborative contribution to Olmsted 200, the national celebration of the bicentennial of the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted.

The series of temporary park furniture, named “never too much, always enough”, includes 24 chairs spread over six sites of the Emerald Necklace, Olmsted’s final work. Each chair was constructed by repurposing the distinctive white spruce fence designed by Olmsted to surround the Frederick Law Olmsted (Fairsted) National Historic Site. Heidi Schork, who founded The Mayor’s Mural Crew, designed the chair taking inspiration from the same curves found in Fairsted’s magnificent fence. Each sustainably made chair can be enjoyed in the following places:

  • Jamaica Pond, in the southwest corner overlooking the pond and in the northwest corner among the trees

  • Franklin Park, to the left of the Franklin Park Golfcourse Clubhouse and at the top of Scarborough Hill (by hole 12 of the golf course)

  • Allerton Overlook, off Pond Avenue near Olmsted Park’s Leverett Pond

  • Back Bay Fens, off Park Drive behind the James P. Kelleher Rose Garden

This project was conceptualized and produced by a group of young artists employed by the Boston City Department of Youth Employment, in collaboration with adult artists employed by the Boston Department of Parks, including: Aiyanna Canty, Aminah Yahya, Bobby Zabin, Camila Aguilera- Steinert, Eli Swanson, Emmett Hughes, Heidi Schork (Program Director, Mayor’s Mural Team), Inez Bendavid-Val, Jamar Joseph, Jerome Jones (Lead Artist, Mayor’s Mural Team) Mayor), Kayla Depina, Laniya Harding, Liz O’Brien (Program Manager, The Mayor’s Mural Crew), Lucy Edelstein-Rosenberg, Maia Poremba, Madalen Bigsby-Licht, Nalani Reid, Niamh Mulligan, Tony Depina, Xavier James, Xzavier Santiago and Zariyah Wilkerson. Chair building was led by Jerome Jones, who learned the knowledge and skills to build a chair as a teenager at Mona High School in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

“Olmsted instructed his company in Fairsted to do ‘the best for Boston at all times’. Olmsted believed that carefully designed green spaces were necessary to build community and that “parks are for people”. We are thrilled to bring ‘never too much, always enough’ to the Emerald Necklace,” said Supervising Ranger Brianne Cassetta, of the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. “In collaboration with the creative talents of The Mayor’s Mural Crew, we are thrilled to welcome you to enjoy these reimagined spaces, where individuals across greater Boston can come together and find community.”

“Olmsted’s values ​​resonate brilliantly in the 21st century city and in the post-pandemic world. Together with Fairsted, we focused on creating spaces for people to connect and be inspired, as Olmsted did,” said Liz O’Brien, of the mural team at the mayor. “Olmsted would be exceptionally proud of our young artists, who went above and beyond in Boston’s hottest summer in 150 years, to create this historic work of art.

Visitors are encouraged to share their experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #nevertoomuchalwaysenough.

About the Mayor’s Mural Team

The Mayor’s Mural Team, a program of the City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department, celebrates its 31st year of employing Boston teenagers to create large-scale public art projects in neighborhoods and parks. Learn more about our work at TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

About Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Frederick Law Olmsted (Fairsted) National Historic Site is a unit of the National Park Service located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Olmsted is recognized as the founder of the American landscape architecture profession and the nation’s largest park builder. Learn more about the site, Olmsted, and the lineup on Instagram and Facebook.

About Olmsted 200

Olmsted 200, is a project of the National Association of Olmsted Parks, dedicated to the national celebration marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted. follow on Twitter and Instagram.

About Olmsted Now

Olmsted Now, Greater Boston’s Olmsted Bicentennial, is an urgent opportunity to create an inclusive coalition of civic, nonprofit, and community partners, who all have a stake in the future of parks and public places and rally around shared values ​​of shared health, shared use and shared value. Follow us on Instagram.

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