Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 8-9 & More

We are again with the next two episodes of our Nerds Rewatch Manifest sequence, featuring episodes 8 and 9 of season 3. After discovering a brand new potential link to 828, Dr. can have serious consequences because a secret that Saanvi harbors puts her in danger. After Ben and Michaela help out another passenger, the two are reluctant to work with Eagan again, and Angelina begins to outgrow her welcome into the Stone family, much to Olive’s dismay.

“Destination Unknown”

Peter Kramer/NBC
  • Ben is being tested at Eureka, and a unique genetic marker is present in him that was also discovered in the control group of deceased returnees – sapphire.
  • Ben will get a call where he sees a chimney in footage of a number of passengers.
  • Saanvi tells Ben that they acquired a package from the Vatican: a piece of fossilized driftwood.
  • Michaela touches a tarot card at the bottom and it burns her like the volcano on the cardboard comes to life.
  • Ben thinks his call and Michaela’s call are…anticipate it…related. They determine it has to do with the Roman numerals and the twenty-first row of the plane. Ben sees a photo of Rachel Hall, who was at 21E, and wonders how she is endangering the lifeboat.
  • Dr. Gupta and his team of researchers begin their driftwood experiment and analysis.
  • Ben and Michaela do a little research on Rachel Hall, who is now Rachel Evans, after discovering that her husband had married his sister while he was away.
  • They discover Rachel, hoping to help her, but are left with only more questions about why the Call warned them about her.
  • Grace and Angelina try out potential restaurants as Grace wishes to start some coffee with her father’s recipes to honor her brother. And when Eden is capricious, Angelina takes her, and she calms down instantly.
  • In Eureka, a peacock was discovered to have the same anomaly and date to 6,000 years ago. The driftwood was also found to come from a dormant volcano.
  • After talking to a neighbor’s housekeeper, Ben and Michaela discover that husband Jonas is abusive, and Rachel tries to avoid losing her sister to him.
  • Saanvi realizes that the dormant volcano is believed to be the final resting place of Noah’s Ark, which has ties to all things associated with 828, driftwood, and sapphire. She wishes to inform the passengers of their discovery, especially Ben, but Vance and Dr. Gupta warn her not to as they must know 828 first.
  • Michaela tries to convince Hannah to let her help him, while Ben follows Rachel, who has taken to killing Jonas at her job. Ben tries to intervene, and after he talks to her, she offers him the gun. The police show up and Rachel and Ben are each arrested.
  • Ben thinks it’s his responsibility to avoid wasting the lifeboat, but he’ll argue with Michaela about it.
  • Angelina vegetation herself more within the Stone family.
  • Cal’s snow globe volcano erupts and he has the fire calling him.


Peter Kramer/NBC
  • Michaela will receive the Calling Dark Cloud again and assume it’s Ben, but since Eureka won’t let her, it’s not.
  • Angelina tries to tell Olive she’s happy to help babysit Eden, but Olive doesn’t take it so casually since Eden is his sister.
  • Water overflows into storage, wetting the 828 scan, but Grace sees no water. It’s a call. Ben quickly sees the dark clouds. Eagan rings the doorbell, drenched in water.
  • Eagan says he noticed a lion in the call, and he practically ripped his head off. Ben thinks it must be Eureka. Olive offers to help, and Ben tells her to go to Astoria to do a little analysis.
  • Grace doesn’t like that Ben wants to work with Eagan, considering he kidnapped her husband. But Ben has a plan to keep his haters shut and figure out what he’s aware of.
  • In a Calling, Michaela sees tears of blood in her reflection. She thinks Saanvi might be in big trouble at Eureka, but Ben isn’t able to reach her. Meanwhile, in Eureka, as Saanvi continues her driftwood tests, blood leaks from her eyes.
  • Ben and Eagan see a lion in storage, its eyes bleed, and just because it comes towards them, it disappears.
  • Michaela goes to Eureka and finds that Saanvi is clearly not well with her bloody eyes.
  • Olive was able to find a Chinese Buddhist illusion of a lion crying tears of blood, and she follows through to the call. Ben thinks a lie in Eureka puts their lives in danger.
  • Michaela demands that Saanvi tell her what she is hiding, and Saanvi tells her about driftwood and Noah’s Ark.
  • While Zeke maintains the fort throughout dinner with Jared and Sarah, Sarah helps Beverly and Zeke feel like she’s really good.
  • Ben finds Al-Zuras’ diary in the water in the storage, which glows.
  • Michaela senses there is something else and confronts Vance.
  • When Olive returns from Astoria, she finds Angelina taking pictures and dressed like her, hair and all.
  • In the journal, Ben sees an image that looks suspiciously like Saanvi, and another image reveals a sinking ship, with everyone drowning. Eagan thinks Saanvi breached the lifeboat, and they already take place.
  • Michaela begs Saanvi, whose condition is worsening, to inform her of what she is hiding. She confesses to having killed the major and she will be fine. Ben’s storage, meanwhile, is as dry as it gets.
  • Olive tells Grace about Angelina and her worries. She later catches Angelina in Astoria with Levi, the man she is hanging out with.
  • Michaela tries to make Saanvi feel better by justifying the Major’s death and the call for her to come back clear. Saanvi tells Michaela that as a cop she has a duty to let her in. Michaela suggests that she go upstairs first, after which they will discuss.
  • When Ben tells Grace about the call log and Al-Zuras, she wonders if the people inside the boat were pushed rather than jumped, suggesting that the calls might also be telling him to push another person. out of the lifeboat.
  • Small tremors of earthquakes are found around Eureka, and Dr. Gupta reveals video of the driftwood, which disappeared and returned 37 milliseconds later.

Catch up on our Nerds Rewatch Manifest streak here and stay tuned for episodes 10 and 11 next week! Season 4, Half 1 of Manifest drops on Netflix on Friday, November 4. Check out the rest of our Manifest protection here.

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Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 8-9

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Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 8-9

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Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 8-9

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