MLB The Show 21 6th Inning Program guide – All rewards, achievements, how to earn XP

The Round 5 schedule has come and gone in MLB The Show 21, but as you probably know by now, that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. On August 27, Sony San Diego launched the 6th Inning program, filled with new rewards, packs, and a chance to have three new program leaders. So what are the rewards for this season, and how can you progress in this program? Let’s go over what you need to know.

6th round rewards

Let’s start with the rewards for the 6th round program. Here’s a breakdown of all the rewards for the Round 6 schedule, along with the requirements for reaching each level:

LevelRewardXP requirement
1Diamond bat skin and 1500 heels5000
2MLB The Show 21 Pack (x5)10,000
3Diamond Universal Profile and 3000 Stubs nameplate17500
4Pack of 2 headliners25000
5Bat Slam Unlockable Choice Pack and 3000 Stubs32500
6Diamond Gear Glove Item40,000
7Point of diamond equipment studs45000
8Ballin ‘is a habit pack (x2)55000
9Home race advantage70,000
tenMLB The Show 21 Pack (x10)85000
115th Round Diamond Choice Pack (92 OVR Joakim Soria, 92 OVR Gio Gonzalez, 91 OVR Dexter Fowler)100,000
12Royals Alt Home Jersey and 5000 Stubs115000
13Pack of 2 headliners130,000
14Gold Ball Player Choice Pack145000
15Ballin ‘is a habit pack (x2)160,000
16Round 3 Diamond Choice Pack (93 OVR Lorenzo Cain, 92 OVR Patrick Corbin, 92 OVR Aaron Nola)175000
17Universal profile icon and 5000 stubs190,000
18Advantage of diamond stage205000
19Set of 32 headliners220,000
20Gold Ball Player Choice Pack235000
21Diamond Bat Gear Item and 5,000 Heels250,000
22MLB The Show 21 Pack (x5)270,000
23Legend Icon Choice and 5000 Stubs Pack290,000
24Set of 33 headliners310,000
251990 Red Sox home jersey and 5000 heels330,000
266th round boss’s choice pack350,000
27Gold Ballplayer Choice and 5000 Stubs Pack380,000
28Classic Stadium Choice Pack410,000
29MLB The Show 21 Pack (x10)440,000
30Angels Alt Jersey and 5000 Stubs470000
31Ballin ‘is a habit pack (x5)500000
32Diamond Ballplayer Choice Pack530,000
332021 All-Star Game Choice Pack560000
34Home Derby Choice Pack590000
35MLB The Show 21 Pack (x20)620,000
3690+ OVR Diamond Live Series Choice Pack650,000

350,000 XP will still be needed to obtain one of the three bosses. However, SDS added an extra level this time around. Thus, the maximum level for the 6th round program is level 36.

How to earn XP

There are many ways to earn XP. Players can play MLB The Show 21’s various game modes and earn XP after each game, including Road to the Show games, which can be a quick way to get XP fast. Players can earn a fair amount of XP (1,000 to 4,000 XP) per match by taking a few hits at home plate or throwing a few innings on the mound.

Additionally, players can complete daily missions, as well as program missions.

Note, however, that San Diego Studios has implemented a slight change in XP gains. Going forward, MLB The Show 21 players can only earn a maximum of 35,000 XP per day through gameplay. It does not include missions, conquests or confrontations. This was done to put an end to the exploits that were used by community members to get through the programs in an incredibly fast way.

Round 6 conquest

Just like the other round programs, there is a special conquest. This one is a Spiral Conquest, and six teams had to be conquered to complete this one. Here is an overview of the map:

MLB The Show 21 players can earn 25,000 XP for completing this conquest.

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Plus, expect another conquest, as well as a showdown and other collections throughout the month. Traditionally, SDS has released multiple player programs throughout a month, each usually needed for additional XP. The first round six players’ schedule is scheduled to go live on August 31st. Also, be sure to follow the August monthly rewards schedule and September Topps Now moments. Traditionally, one collection for each is published per month.

The program for the 6th round is scheduled to end on September 24.

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