MKV Supra vs. BMW M4 2021 drag race equipped with manual ends pretty obvious

As you well know, the MKV Supra is not a real Toyota. The Japanese automaker has collaborated with BMW for the fifth-generation model, which features a Bavarian platform and engine. Even the automatic transmission is produced by ZF Friedrichshafen, which raises an obvious question. Why?
Why couldn’t senior executives and bean counters be able to argue for the foundations and oily chunks developed by Toyota? You only have to look at how badly sports cars sell these days to understand their reasoning.

Although not remembered as the legend of the MKIV, the MKV should not be discredited. According to Supra deputy chief program engineer Masayuki Kai, the Japanese and German development teams went their separate ways in 2014, just after the hard spots of the Supra and Z4 were agreed. It’s a vastly different take on the Toyobaru 86 and BRZ, which is why the MKV Supra feels more tense and more engaging.

The best-performing specification available today is the 3.0-liter option with 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet (499 Nm) of torque, numbers that are reflected by the M40i for the US market. Either way, can the Supra stand up to an M4 with the more powerful version of the B58 powertrain?

Yes, of course it is possible! The M4 in the video shown is a model equipped with a manual, which means that it does not upshift as fast as the 8HP during hard acceleration. The base spec also happens to be heavy at 3,830 pounds (1,737 kilograms) versus 3,304 pounds (1,499 kilograms) for the Supra.

Either way, the Bimmer has the upper hand in the suck-squeeze-bang-blow department. Its S58 inline-six engine is officially rated at 473 horsepower and 406 pound-feet (550 Nm) of torque, while competition models hit 503 ponies and 479 pound-feet (650 Nm).

In a dig and roll, the M4 just doesn’t have the legs to catch up with the Supra over the quarter mile. But when it comes to driver enjoyment, the Supra’s auto just doesn’t match the BMW’s gear lever.

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