Mitla in Japan launches “Hello Baby Program” to reduce maternal mortality rate

Mitla has provided technical support to medical institutions by developing an electronic perinatal medical record system called the “Hello Baby Program”. “Our main goal is to reduce the maternal mortality rate and to achieve this we collect detailed records of examination data such as weight, blood pressure etc. And if abnormal levels are recorded, doctors can easily identify this information on our electronic health record program. In Indonesia, we promote cloud sharing electronic medical record system, and the main goal is to make it inexpensive to acquire. Maternal mortality rate is high in Indonesia it is almost 100 times that of Japan and we think our Hello Baby program can help you people there, ”said Tomohiro Fujii, head of Mitla Corporation.

After research and study, the company developed a personalized “Hello Baby Program” perinatal electronic medical record system for Indonesia to meet all the requirements of doctors, clinics and hospitals. “In Indonesia there is a predefined format for medical records and we have customized our program to include all of these requirements,” said Susumu Nagae, head of Mitla Corporation.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is also supporting the expansion of the HelloBaby program in Indonesia to address the high death rate of pregnant women, the lack of cooperation between hospitals due to the traditional storage of medical records and the problem of the disparity in medical services between cities and remote areas. “What we can expect from the Hello Baby Program feature is that we can enter more detailed patient data and we can easily perform statistical analysis of the data regarding the patient’s condition. This program also makes the job easier. from the clinician and could reduce human error because we can find the risk factor from the beginning. All of the above will improve the services of the health facilities and in the end we can reduce the maternal mortality rate ” said Dr M Alamsyah Aziz, Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, Indonesia.

“We are looking forward to exporting medical technology from Japan, not only the electronic medical records program, but also other operations which may also expand to other countries,” said Tomohiro Fujii, head of Mitla Corporation. . Online meetings with local staff are regularly scheduled. Comments are also received from Indonesian doctors. (ANI)

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