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Small-scale branch of famous Swiss festival achieves great success in its first year

Hangzhou, China, is over 9,000 kilometers from the shores of Lake Geneva. Yet for four days in October, the inaugural Montreux Jazz Festival China succeeded in bridging both distance and cultural differences with the universal language of music. Also, to ensure the same sound excellence experienced for 35 years on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Montreux Jazz Festival China has collaborated with Meyer Sound to guarantee the best sound quality.

The festival was held October 5-8 at the Sofitel Westlake hotel, with the main outdoor stage on the terrace and a special immersive experience set up in the lobby bar. The live performances featured artists from six countries, though all currently residing in China, with styles of music ranging from jazz and pop, folk and R&B.

Although its scope is cautiously limited due to lingering concerns over COVID-19, the first edition of MJF China has proven to be a resounding success in terms of audience satisfaction and artist engagement. More than 1,000 visitors attended the event and the inaugural festival received praise from the press and dignitaries – including the Swiss Ambassador to China – for the quality of the music, the intimate bond between the musicians and the public and high production standards.

“The musicians told me they were very impressed with our sound system, and some even said it was the best they’ve heard in China,” comments Joyce Peng Peng, CEO of Montreux Jazz Festival China. “We had also invited some of the best music critics and they also said that the sound quality outside was more like what you would hear in a good theater.”

The outdoor stage was equipped with main L / R sets of five LINA line array speakers with low frequency support from a quartet of 900-LFC low frequency control elements. The LINA speakers also provided front fill (2) and left stage fill (4), with a single UPQ-D1 as the right stage fill. ULTRA-X40 loudspeakers were deployed for side filling (1) and VIP lounge filling (5), the latter group being paired with five 750-LFC low frequency control elements. A dozen MJF-210 stage monitors were available as needed for the artist’s fallback.

The system was provided by Hangzhou Yaoyue Culture Creative Ltd., with the cooperation and assistance of Shanghai Broad Future Electro Technology, Meyer Sound’s China distributor, and Theodore Huang, Meyer’s technical sales support specialist. Sound.

For Kent Poon, technological director of Montreux Jazz Festival China, the choice of a Meyer Sound system was natural. “Meyer Sound has been the official sound partner of the festival in Switzerland for more than three decades, and for good reason. Meyer Sound systems are capable of high headroom and SPL with extremely low distortion. In addition, it is important not to have one place as the main listening area, but to provide balanced sound to all the audience. Meyer Sound systems are very good at providing this uniform coverage.

Inside the hotel, the ImmersiveSpace featured recorded performances by artists from three countries. Playback here was heard through a nine compact ULTRA ‑ X20 speaker system with deep bass coming from a USW-112P subwoofer. The immersive program featured 15 musicians from three countries.

Certainly, the strong partnership established in Switzerland has been fully adopted in China as well, as expressed by festival director Joyce Peng Peng. “We were totally happy with what we heard this year. The sound of Meyer Sound systems feels like a warm embrace and you feel a clear and strong heartbeat.

Plans are underway for a much larger second edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival China, to be held in mid-October 2022. Expectations are 5,000 spectators per day over three to five days, with more than 30 concerts over three. scenes with an international predominance. acts.

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