Mediabrands launches robots to perform repetitive manual tasks

Marc Coad

Mediabrands launched the media industry’s first major automated systems transformation in more than two decades.

Using robotic technology, Transformation fully automates repetitive manual tasks in Initiative and UM, providing an enhanced career path for talent and a stronger value proposition for customers.

The transformation marks full automation of all systems and processes, firmly cementing Mediabrands in a single space ahead of its competitors and is supported by a bespoke Center of Excellence allowing agencies to leverage capacity.

Mediabrands has partnered with global software company UI Path and information and technology services company Cognizant.

Key business tasks have been automated to make processes more transparent, accurate and timely, enabling teams to add value with their strategic input and creativity and deliver a stronger value proposition to customers.

Mediabrands CEO Mark Coad: “The uncomfortable truth is that the media industry hasn’t changed the way it operates in over two decades. Our transformation offloads our people from the time-consuming and tedious tasks of day-to-day operations and frees them to do smart, creative work that drives growth.

“For those of us who have been in the media hot seat for a long time, we know that it is quite difficult to start in media agencies. By investing heavily in finding ways to remove some of the less glamorous and menial tasks from daily workloads, we give our people time to focus on learning and developing in areas that drive growth. of the company. Yes, of course, it benefits our business, but more importantly, it provides opportunities for our employees to enhance their career path and build their self-esteem.

“Staff turnover remains a major and ongoing issue in the industry and the future will be won by the group that can deliver real career value and enhanced career paths.

“If you’re working for a media agency that’s always plagued with repetitive menial tasks like uploads, TV campaign tracking and post analysis, etc., then you’re putting your career development on hold, and you’re not using not the brilliant mind you were recruited for. Our Young guns now have confirmation that Mediabrands offers an excellent career path.

Mediabrands Project Manager Geoff Clarke: “There is no doubt that the complexity of our industry continues to increase, so as an industry leader we have proactively changed what we do, to improve what we produce. It meant implementing a significant transformation to prepare our people for a new era in media.

“Robotic technology saves our team time to produce higher quality work, which has a direct ripple effect in increasing the value of individual intellectual property, the diversity of craft skills in each company and creates the opportunity to move customer relationships from a largely commodity-based agreement to a true business partnership.”

Data mined in several of Mediabrands automated solutions (BOTs) since launch has saved over 3,300 hours by automating nearly 13,000 tasks that were previously performed manually. The program is on track to deliver more than 25,000 hours saved over the next 12 months.

Clarke: “By modernizing and automating the way our media buying services are managed and registered, we are providing more efficient and faster services to our clients. Our series of BOTS is the only end-to-end solution that works on the buy/book/pay aspect of media agencies – and is the only one in the industry. This makes a major statement in the market.

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