Kind Solar offers solar power installation while donating to ocean conservation projects

Los Angeles-based residential solar company is making less profit to keep the conversation going on the ocean.

Kind Solar is a residential solar energy company that provides solar energy brokerage and installation services to homeowners in the United States. The company is the only solar energy supplier that takes less profit to donate to the Ocean Conversation.

The person behind the brand is CEO and Founder Dustyn Contreras. A sustainability advocate himself, the young entrepreneur has extensive experience in the solar energy industry, from field sales to marketing and operations. Along with her business skills, Dustyn has a personal love for the ocean. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and biological oceanography with the possible aim of obtaining a master’s degree in the subject.

Through his new venture, Dustyn aims to revolutionize the ethical standard of the solar industry by consciously choosing to make less profit and devote himself more to the benefit of ocean conservation.

“As the solar industry begins to gain momentum, we want to stand up and remind people in the industry that the primary purpose of this technology is to provide a more sustainable way of life. We want to be a voice that will keep the industry from losing its soul and becoming just another lucrative trend, ”says the CEO.

The company actively promotes through its Instagram account, @kindsolar, where it also shares useful information to users.

Kind Solar is powered by a team of solar energy brokers. According to Dustyn, the company treats every member of its team as a business partner rather than an employee. Brokers receive state-of-the-art training and support from management.

Currently, Kind Solar is openly welcoming new members to its growing network of solar energy brokers.

Additionally, the company has partnered with many solar installers in the states in which they operate. Kind Solar’s installation service providers have been tested and selected for reliability as experts in their field.

A key feature of the company’s services is its Bill Swap program which gives customers the choice to switch to solar power at no cost. This special program allows homeowners to divert the money they are already spending from their current utility provider to a new source of solar power.

As an advocate for renewable energy, Kind Solar also provides its customers with useful information regarding the switch to solar. The company is educating people about the benefits of solar power, including the cost benefits and tax incentives.

Under U.S. laws, homeowners are also entitled to tax incentives for choosing to switch to solar power, regardless of the state in which they reside.

Although based in Los Angeles, Kind Solar’s services also cover the states of California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

To learn more about Kind Solar, you will find information on

More information about its founder, Dustyn Contreras, is also available on his Instragam account, @ ecoentrepreneur

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