Kids Around the World celebrates the installation of the world’s 1,000th playground with a construction in Portoviejo, Ecuador

children around the world

children around the world

Kids Around the World celebrates its 1,000th playground.

Kids Around the World celebrates its 1,000th playground.

ROCKFORD, Ill., May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kids Around the World, a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage children in poor global communities through the installation of commercial playground equipment refurbished, today announced the completion of its 1,000and build, a playground in Portoviejo, Ecuador.

Kids Around the World has for nearly three decades sought out commercial playgrounds that needed removal in the United States, renovated them, shipped them overseas, and relocated them to impoverished communities. Supported by partner Little Tikes Commercial, which designs and manufactures innovative, commercial-grade play equipment for children of all ages and abilities, Kids Around the World marked the 1,000and build a milestone by installing a playground at Parque Forestal in Portoviejo.

A grand opening ceremony on April 29 in Portoviejo drew hundreds of people, including the governor of the province of Manabí, Juan Francisco Núñez Herrera, several dignitaries from Portoviejo and members of the Kids Around the World and Little Tikes Commercial who came from the United States for the event.

“These 1,000 playgrounds are the source of millions of moments of joy for the world’s underserved children, and we are proud to have had such an impact over nearly three decades of work,” said Jeff Rosene. , Executive Vice President of Kids Around the World. “As we celebrate this day and thank our many partners, we look forward to the next 1,000 installations and our continued efforts to support the physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development of children.

Little Tikes Commercial, a Kids Around the World partner since 2020, has developed nine playground designs linked to the charity. When a customer purchases one of these play sets, Little Tikes Commercial donates 5% of the list price to Kids Around the World, while offering customers a 25% discount off that list price. Customers can also enroll in the program while creating their own designs. It typically takes about four playground purchases to fund a worldwide installation of a remodeled playground.

“Partnering with Kids Around the World to give play equipment a second life – and kids a better life – is what we do,” said Brett Kidd, Vice President of Sales, Little Tikes Commercial. . “Playgrounds are community anchors, especially where there is little other infrastructure. We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate this milestone with Kids Around the World and champion the continued growth of this vital program.

Rockford, Illinois-based Kids Around the World’s first build in 1994 was in Rockford’s sister city of Brovary, Ukraine, just outside of Kyiv. “Whether it’s Brovary, Ukraine, or Portoviejo, Ecuador, or any community on Earth, children deserve to play safely and joyfully,” Rosene said. “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and especially their children, and we hope that every child who visits one of our playgrounds knows they are seen and supported, and that these donations are specifically for them.”

In March, Kids Around the World created the “Brovary Fundto help support the children and families of Brovary during the war in Ukraine. Its mission also includes OneMeal, which has provided 38.8 million meals in 20 different countries since its inception.

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Kids Around the World, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has been building playgrounds in war-torn and impoverished communities in more than 70 countries since 1994, creating environments where children can experience hope. For more information, visit

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Little Tikes Commercial designs and manufactures commercial grade playgrounds for parks, schools, daycares and other places where children congregate. A division of PlayPower®, Inc., Little Tikes Commercial helps children thrive by inspiring wonder and developing life skills through imaginative play. Our mission is to create fun, exciting and inclusive play spaces that instantly engage the imagination. For more information, visit

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