KBank offers free rooftop solar installation for 500,000 households

Khemmarat Sartpreecha, Deputy Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority and Chairman of the Board of PEA ENCOM Smart Solution Ltd., said the company is a provider of cell system installation and maintenance services home solar systems, without charging any installation or maintenance fees, and offers discounts on the electricity bills of participating households.

The terms and conditions of the electricity charges will be in accordance with the related service agreements, in which any excess electricity will be sold to the system at 2.20 baht per unit or exchanged according to the peer-to-peer energy exchange model. peer.

The company expects the SolarPlus project to encourage the public to use more clean energy by installing solar cell systems in their homes, which would not only save on energy costs but also create a better environment.

It is hoped that the project will serve as a prototype peer-to-peer energy exchange that will be adopted in the near future.

Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited, said, “The company has always attached importance to the design of residential projects, based on the green approach which focuses on energy-efficient houses. The company has set a goal in 2022 to reduce its carbon footprint by 25% over the next three years, thanks to our plans to install solar panels at the Supalai Grand Tower headquarters, as well as EV chargers in various residential projects nationwide, with the objective of reducing environmental impacts. These efforts also aim to support the government’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, the company has teamed up with our business partners, who have an environmental stewardship policy, and partnered with KBank to install solar panels in the Supalai Garden Ville Rangsit Khlong 2 project, which is a low-rise housing project where many buyers have already moved in.”

The program of installing solar panels in this housing project will probably arouse the interest of residents because it saves energy.

Jiraporn Sirikum, Deputy Governor – Strategy, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), said, “In addition to power generation and transmission, which are EGAT’s key mission, EGAT simultaneously introduced new energy innovation solutions to meet consumer needs during the digital age. This includes providing them with easier access to clean energy while emphasizing energy management.

For the SolarPlus project, EGAT unveiled a peer-to-peer energy exchange platform, which was developed by EGAT teamwork and tested in the ERC Sandbox Phase 1 project to add value to this project. EGAT aims to improve the peer-to-peer energy trading platform to be more user-friendly, thereby generating greater consumer interest. Once this goal is achieved, EGAT will market this platform to meet future consumer needs.

Athip Tantivorawong, CEO of INNOPOWER Company Limited, said, “INNOPOWER has promoted access to clean energy. The company offers one-stop renewable energy appliance registration and renewable energy certification (REC) trading services. The objective is to increase the revenues of renewable energy producers and provide commercial operators with the opportunity to achieve the objective of using clean energy “

REC is a mechanism that supports the generation and use of electricity generated from renewable energy while building capacity for the development of sustainable energy innovation in Thailand.

Pipit noted in closing that the project is expected to expand nationwide, targeting the installation of solar rooftops for 500,000 households within five years. Additionally, KBank is ready to provide 50 billion baht in loan facility to solar energy developers.

The program is expected to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year while encouraging Thais to increasingly embrace clean energy.

This will accelerate the rise of a practical green ecosystem in society, leading to the achievement of Thailand’s net zero goals.

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