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The Crypto market is progressing every day and the number of traders is constantly increasing. The reason for this is that over the past few years, no other market has generated as much profit as crypto. People have earned bags of dollars over the past five years and the market has crossed a daily trading volume of $30 billion.

Due to the high demand for crypto coins, the value of coins, especially Bitcoin, has skyrocketed. Bitcoin recently recorded the highest value of $45,000 for a single coin. Critics are hoping it will cross the $60,000 mark soon.

But is crypto trading an easy market? The answer is a big NO. Crypto is the most complex and difficult trading market in the world due to its volatile and unpredictable nature. It’s really hard to predict what happens in the next second. This is why the crypto market is a nightmare for beginners and less experienced people.

Undoubtedly, some people are doing pretty well in this market and earning thousands of dollars per month. But still, it is indefinite and volatile for most of us. Traders who do manual trading are very experienced and expert traders.

BitAlpha AI is a platform specially designed for beginners and less expert so that they can also earn handsome profits every month. This platform uses sophisticated algorithms and AI tools to solve complex patterns and predict accurate trading signals.

Is trading with BitAlpha AI safer than manual trading?

BitAlpha AI is an AI program that manipulates market data and predicts really useful trading signals. To get the right answer to this question, we need to know more about how the crypto market works.

The crypto market is an unauthorized digital currency market that is not supported or monitored by any authority or state. How cryptocurrency is mined is more complex than the crypto market itself.

The market generates business models that maintain the value of different coins. These patterns are very complex and for a human being it is not possible to understand them. The market is so volatile and every second generates a new, more complex pattern. As a human, he is not so sharp as he can analyze, predict and lock the trade in seconds. Traders who trade manually are very experienced, so they just have a chance to survive in this market.

BitAlpha AI tools analyze the market in depth, read the patterns, decode them and, using complex algorithms, predict the next patterns. If this predicted pattern is similar to a pattern available in the tool’s historical database, the tool locks it.

In the next step, the AI ​​tool analyzes whether this predicted model is profitable according to your defined parameters. If the tool finds profitable signals, it notifies you in real time. If you have chosen the automatic function, the tool itself locks the transaction using your money on your behalf.

This profit is transferred to your vault at the same time and the robot starts finding new opportunities for you.

BitAlpha AI reduces the risk of loss to almost 1%, and if the tool is used wisely, the results would be beyond imagination.

Demo account

BitAlpha AI also has a demo account feature for its registered accounts. This feature helps to know more about the volatility of the crypto market, the authentication of the tool and the risk factor. In this account, a user can sell or buy different cryptocurrencies using virtual money and check their trading abilities.

This demo version is assigned for a certain period only to familiarize yourself with the market. However, you can take advantage of this account option multiple times if you think you are not yet ready to trade in the real crypto market.

Once you think you can understand the volatility of the market and can make a profit, you can switch to the live trading option in no time. This account will be at your disposal if you feel the need for it again.

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