How to install Windows 11 using the Windows 11 installation wizard

The era of Windows 11 has finally begun, now that the operating system is out of beta. You can now upgrade to Microsoft’s latest offering without joining the Windows Insider program. However, there are several ways to install Windows 11 from a previous version of Windows.

You can easily upgrade to the latest version of Windows while keeping your files intact (provided your PC is compatible) rather than resetting your PC. Also, you can skip the line at your own risk if you haven’t received the update on our system yet.

Install Windows 11 using Microsoft’s tool

Microsoft has defined three methods by which users can easily switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11. The three tools consist of Windows 11 installation wizard which directly updates your system (if the PC meets the system requirements) , creating a Windows 11 installation media, and manual installation using ISO.

This Windows 11 guide will explain the first method of upgrading to Windows 11, using the Windows 11 installation wizard. Likewise, you can continue to upgrade to Windows 11 without losing your data. However, the tool will only work if your PC is fully compatible with Windows 11. Here’s how to use it.

1. Visit the Windows 11 Downloadloading page and click on the Download now under the first section called “Windows 11 Setup Wizard”.

Download the Windows 11 installation wizard.

2. After the file has downloaded, open the installer.

3. In addition, the program will prepare the necessary files for Windows 11 upgrade, check your PC compatibility and notify you if there is any problem.

Windows 11 installation wizard upgrade
Upgrading the installation wizard from Windows 11 to Windows

4. Optional: Since Windows 11 has strict requirements, the Assistant app may ask you to change some installed apps. During installation, it asked us to update VirtualBox.

windows 11 installation error

5. If your PC and applications meet the requirements, the Windows 11 installation wizard will continue and install Windows 11 on your PC. The overall process takes approximately 90 minutes and the time may vary by computer.

In summary, you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 while still keeping your files using Microsoft’s tool. If you want to take a safer route, you can always resort to a clean install of Windows 11.

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