Holiday lighting installation to transform the village of Long Island

PATCHOGUE, NY – MoCA LIghts is set to return this weekend with “Merry & Bright” – a special holiday screening billed as a slight extravaganza – in Patchogue.

As part of the curated installation, site-specific holiday-inspired projections will illuminate the facades of contemporary and historic architecture throughout the village, “using map projection and light” to create a celebration as you never see it. ‘have ever seen,’ according to organizers.

Downtown businesses will become “a vibrant backdrop for this immersive festive experience,” which is an original program created by the LI Museum of Contemporary Art at the Patchogue Arts Council, organizers said.

Locations include the PAC • MoCA LI at 20 Terry Street, the Bank of America at 47 W. Main St., and the Patchogue-Medford Main Library at 54 – 60 East Main St.

It will run Thursday through Sunday and can be viewed safely by foot and by car, as well as online, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. each evening.

The installation takes place in conjunction with Art on the Marquee, an alternative exhibition venue for a rotating series of artist-created videos, gifs and animations. It is the only marquee exhibition on the island and it is an original concept.

The installation features art by Amanda Reilly, Bee Mitchell, Bonnie McLoughlin Stiegler, FalcaoLucas, Jennie Thwing, JoAnne Dumas, Kyle Rogers, Moriah Ray-Britt, Robert Stenzel Sage Cotignola and Takafumi Ide. It is organized by Beth Giacummo.

Art on the Marquee takes place every evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 31 in rotation with shows from the Patchogue Theater.

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