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GROVE, Okla. – Forget the candy and the chips.

Grove students who have fed on books at the school’s vending machine for the past two years have learned that their thirst for reading has made $ 1,000 in innovative reading at the Grove Upper Elementary program.

Get Books, Not Twix! The Book Vending Machine was sponsored by the Grove Education Foundation for Excellence and selected as the 2021 Outstanding Program Award for Oklahoma School Foundations.

“We honor these programs for their creativity and the positive impact they have on supporting academic excellence in their communities,” said Katy Leffel, director of the Oklahoma School Foundations Network.

Photograph provided. Landon Strum, a student at Grove Upper Elementary School, proudly displays a book he bought with a gold token from the school’s new vending machine. The vending machine program, sponsored by the Grove Education Foundation for Excellence, was shortlisted for a 2021 Outstanding Program Award for Oklahoma School Foundations, presented by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and its Oklahoma School Foundations Network.

The reused vending machine costs $ 5,000 and takes tokens, which are earned by students for good behavior, surpass themselves in their studies, show good character traits, reach their reading goals, and help each other. Students are allowed to keep the book and take it home and reread it.

“The vending machine for books brings new enthusiasm to reading! said Charla Matthews, principal of Grove Upper Elementary School. “Our students, regardless of their educational level or socio-economic status, are thrilled to win a coin. They love to choose their own book and receive it in a fun way.

It’s a great tool for our positive behavior plan and our school-wide literacy initiative, she said. Students choose the book they want based on their interest, regardless of their reading level, Matthews said.

Three Oklahoma schools will present a free webinar on October 27 to share their ideas so that other school foundations can emulate or adapt these programs in their own school districts.

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