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Harrisburg, PA – With tax filing season kicking off this week, the Department of Revenue is encouraging taxpayers to use a free online option to file their Pennsylvania personal income tax returns.

Taxpayers can visit to file their AP tax returns through the department’s state-only filing system. In addition to being free, myPATH is user-friendly and offers the majority of taxpayers the ability to seamlessly file the Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Return (PA-40), make income tax payments, and to access other services.

The deadline to submit 2021 personal income tax returns is Monday, April 18, 2022. “We encourage people to file their returns online and as soon as possible. This will help us process returns quickly and reimburse taxpayers who are waiting for one,” Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said.

“myPATH is a great option for filing your state return, especially if you’re looking to save money this tax season and avoid paying someone else a fee to file your return for you.”

By using the electronic filing option offered by offers many benefits, including:

• Fast and free processing of returns/refunds

• The “Where is my tax refund?” system. to track the status of a refund

• Instant confirmation of a successful deposit

• The advantage of automatic calculators reducing errors

• User-friendly options not available to paper-based taxpayers

• The ability to view a detailed account statement for personal income tax

Other important features of myPATH

Taxpayers do not need to create a username or password to perform many functions in myPATH. This includes filing a PA-40 or paying, responding to service inquiries, and checking the status of a refund.

In order to file the PA-40, taxpayers will need to provide their Social Security number and either: (1) tax owing for a prior tax year; or (2) their date of birth, Pennsylvania driver’s license/photo ID number and license/photo ID expiration date.

If you choose to create a username and password in myPATH, you will have the ability to update/view detailed account information and reviews. You can also manage third-party access to your account, which means you can give a tax professional or other person access to file your return and make payments on your behalf.

A detailed list of instructions is available in the myPATH User Guide. New Spanish Feature in 2022 This tax season, myPATH is offering Spanish-speaking Pennsylvania taxpayers a new option to file the PA Personal Income Tax Return (PA-40).

To access the Spanish version of the PA-40, visit and select the option “Presentar una declaracion deimpuestos sobre la renta personal de PA para 2021” in the “Individuals” section.

Free e-Filing Other free e-filing options are available for filing federal and state returns using vendor software. More information on providers is available on the Ministry of Revenue website.

Electronic filing for a fee Tax preparers and vendors of commercial tax preparation software offer electronic filing, or e-filing, for a fee. See the list of providers on the ministry’s website for more information. April 18 Deadline All taxpayers who received more than $33 in total gross taxable income during the 2021 calendar year must file a Pennsylvania personal income tax return by midnight, Monday, April 18, 2022.

The deadline is extended this year due to Emancipation Day, a holiday in Washington, DC, observed on Friday, April 15, which pushes federal and state filing deadlines to April 18. are encouraged to consult the PA Personal Income Tax Guide, an online publication prepared by the Department of Revenue that includes detailed information on a number of personal income tax topics.

Taxpayer Service and Assistance Personal income tax assistance is also available through the department’s online Client Service Center and by calling 717-787-8201 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The online Client Service Center contains answers to hundreds of common income tax questions and allows taxpayers to securely submit a question to the department through a process similar to mailing of an email.

Taxpayers can also visit a district office of the Department of Revenue for assistance with filing personal income taxes. Assistance at district offices is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and taxpayers are encouraged to bring their Social Security cards and photo ID to help with filing taxes.

Taxpayers can check the status of their refunds online by selecting Where is my income tax refund? link on the department’s home page; or by calling 1-888-PATAXES. Taxpayers will be asked to provide their social security number and requested refund amount to obtain current status. Free tax forms and instructions are available at

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