Former duPont Manual journalism professor charged with child sex abuse charges – 89.3 WFPL News Louisville

James Miller, former director of the journalism and communications department at Manuel duPont High School, was charged with four counts of promoting or possessing child sexual exploitation material Last week.

Court records show Miller was charged on May 25 with two counts of promoting a sexual performance by a minor under the age of 16 and two counts of possession of material depicting the sexual performance of a minor. He has not yet been arrested, his lawyers said in the magistrates’ court on Tuesday morning.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office told WFPL News that two videos were found on Miller’s phone “where he filmed a minor stripping.”

“No public school children were involved,” spokesman Erwin Roberts said.

In an email, Manual principal Michael Newman said authorities said none of the allegations implicate students or school staff. He said counselors are available for students, who can make an appointment by calling (502) 485-8241.

Miller resigned from his position at Manual on April 1, according to Jefferson County Board of Education documents obtained by WFPL.

Students in the manual journalism program contacted by the WFPL did not want to be identified by name, but expressed shock and confusion at the allegations.

Miller was the academic advisor to Manual Red Eye, the school’s award-winning student newspaper. Red Eye made waves in 2020 when college students reported that Kentucky State Police training slides used until 2013 contained references to Adolf Hitler and encouraged a violent mentality among trainees.

In addition to his role at Manual, Miller has worked as a freelance writer. He has written commentary for a number of local outlets, including the now-defunct Insider Louisville and, in 2013, WFPL. He was never employed by Louisville Public Media, of which WFPL is a part.

Miller did not show up for his scheduled arraignment Tuesday morning. His attorneys said he’s in Mississippi. Circuit Court Judge Charlie Cunningham Jr., who is presiding over the case, said Miller must be brought to trial within 13 days.

Cunningham issued an order last week restraining Miller from any form of contact with the victim, who is identified only by initials in court documents, and any member of the victim’s family.

Note: To report child abuse and neglect, contact the Kentucky Branch of Child Protection toll-free at (877) 597-2331 or (800) 752-6200, or on line. If you or someone close to you has been sexually assaulted or harassed, contact the National Confidential Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-4673 to be connected to a provider in your area. .

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