Ferrari Icona Reveal confirmed in November, closed manual shifter does not happen

Three years ago, Ferrari announced that its vehicles are differentiated into four categories. The most affordable of the lot are known as Sport and Grand Turismo. Above, the Special series is joined by the Icona family.

Named after the Italian word for icon, the Icona program began with the Monza SP1 and Monza SP2 speedsters based on the 812 Superfast. Loosely based on old-school racing cars such as the 166 Mille Miglia, 250 Testarossa and 750 Monza, these open-top murderers number only 500 units worldwide.

The next Icona line project will be showcased on November 15 according to a photograph in the invitation, which indicates that Monza owners are invited to the big reveal. The high-class event is expected to take place in Italy, most likely at the automaker’s headquarters in Maranello.

Enrico Galliera, Marketing and Sales Director of Ferrari, ends the invitation as follows: “Please find enclosed a replica of the cachet of the classic Ferrari which inspired our new Icona model.” The high-tier frame refers to a replica of a manual locking shifter inspired by the glorious 330 P4 endurance racing car, which rocks a five-speed, three-pedal gearbox.

Don’t believe for a minute that Galliera indirectly confirmed a closed manual shifter for the Icona because it’s impossible. Certifying a low-production supercar with a row drivetrain is an expensive process that made no sense in the days of the dual-clutch gearbox, and Ferrari ditched the gearshift lever in the last one. decade.

Contrary to what other reports suggest, the next Icona is a DCT deal like all Ferrari road models in production today. Expected to cost between $ 2.5 million and $ 3 million, the yet to be named newcomer combines the high-revving V12 of the 812 Competizione with the chassis of the Ferrari LaFerrari and the looks of the 330 race car. P4.

Already spied on in Maranello, the limited edition supercar is sure to impress enthusiasts with its retro styling and jaw-dropping V12 soundtrack.

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