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Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) continues to expand its leading Aftermarket Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) program. ADAS in vehicles today is already helping to save lives and prevent injuries. Minimizing human error has been identified as a key factor in reducing the number of vehicle collisions resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. Standard is dedicated to continuously adding new product categories and late model applications to meet industry demand.

Standard ADAS components are direct fit replacement parts, designed to match the damaged or failed OE units they replace. This ensures proper integration with the vehicle’s electronic safety systems. Standard goes to great lengths in the quality testing and product validation processes to deliver precision performance.

Standard’s ADAS product line includes parking assist cameras and sensors, cruise control detection sensors, blind spot detection sensors, lane departure system cameras and crash sensors. steering angle for a full range of ADAS components. Standard’s ADAS program includes more than 550 part numbers and represents more than 800 million repair opportunities for gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles, domestic and import.

Recently released ADAS components cover an additional 44.5 million vehicles in service. New blind-spot detection sensors are now available for nearly 5.8 million Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the 2020-19 Ford Ranger, 2021-20 Ford Explorer and 2021-18 Lincoln Navigator. Many cruise control distance sensors have also been added for Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the 2020-18 F-150 and 2020-18 Expedition. Additionally, Lane Departure System cameras were introduced for the 2018-16 Lincoln MKX and 2021-20 Ford Escape.

Parking assistance cameras are an important part of the latest ADAS versions. The new coverage provides 11.3 million additional repair opportunities. Popular applications include the 2019-16 Nissan Rogue, 2018-16 Toyota RAV4, and 2014-12 and 2011-09 Toyota Camry. Additionally, parking assist sensors have been added for more than 2 million General Motors vehicles and 2.7 million Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, among others. Finally, more than 6 million Nissan, General Motors and Mitsubishi vehicles will benefit from the introduction of new steering angle sensors.

“Advanced driver assistance systems are integral to the safety of drivers and their families. Standard is committed to regularly introducing and releasing new SKUs to maintain a comprehensive ADAS program,” said John Herc, vice president of engine management marketing, SMP.

All new Standard ADAS products are listed in the eCatalog available at and eCatalog vendors.

Toolkit and Program Guide for Social Cohesion and Resilience Assessment – Bangladesh Tue, 20 Sep 2022 11:38:49 +0000


The project aims to provide technical assistance to develop, pilot and disseminate a social cohesion and resilience assessment toolkit and program guide and was launched in 2021. It was designed to address the areas equity, empowerment, social cohesion and social responsibility. in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh. Social cohesion is recognized as an important factor in resilience/food security programs. Resilience – the ability to withstand or recover from shocks and stressors – supports social cohesion by preserving the institutions, relationships and patterns of behavior that form the foundation of cohesion. The relationship is reciprocal: the presence of social cohesion in a community or society builds resilience by encouraging relationships and areas of cooperation across potential fault lines. Building resilience can strengthen social cohesion which, in turn, helps build the capacity to resist and recover from major shocks such as conflict. 1 Strong social cohesion can act as an informal safety net in the event of food or climate shocks and is a prerequisite for equity around natural resources or other asset-based programs.

Although much work has been done to understand the relationship between resilience, food security and social cohesion, particularly through United States Agency for International Development (USAID)2 programming, Questions remain about the most effective social cohesion interventions to support this agenda. These questions focus on the types of projects and programs that can most effectively build on existing social networks and structures, and how the context affects the relevance of interventions and the strategy around their implementation. In addition, there are a number of different frameworks on social cohesion, but no single recognized measurement tool or method.

To fill these gaps, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD) have partnered to develop, pilot and disseminate a toolkit for assessing social cohesion and resilience and a program guide (ATPG) based on tangible data. results emerging from CHT interventions in Bangladesh. The ATPG incorporates global learning and international best practices to measure social cohesion and reconciliation using SeeD’s Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE) and Social Cohesion Mini-Barometer CRS. Project results will feed into ongoing and future CRS programs in Bangladesh and around the world. Project results are expected to identify project and policy interventions that have the greatest potential to strengthen community cohesion, while building on existing social networks and structures.

The ATPG has been designed to assess the relevance of interventions and the strategy around their implementation and recommend best practices for social cohesion, including in a context of COVID-19, which will also contribute to the learning agenda. around social cohesion and food security. It is gender sensitive and replicable in other contexts, and incorporates social, political and economic indicators to measure changes in social cohesion within and between groups/communities.

As part of the project, CRS and SeeD piloted the toolkit and program guide in CHT’s Bandarban district and used the results to develop recommendations for adjusting implementation approaches and establishing new systems and practices. strategies to foster cohesion and measure change. By focusing on the most relevant combination of resilience factors, these will help communities and households successfully overcome structural deficits in food security, peaceful behaviors and psychological well-being.

Why Japas Cervejaria is such an interesting brewery Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:30:09 +0000

Of the countless breweries in the craft beer scene, how many are run by women and blend the cultures of Japan and Brazil? The answer is not multiple because beer, like so many other sectors, continues to be overrepresented by white men. And this is precisely what makes Japas Cervejaria extremely convincing. That, and the brand crafts a downright tasty beer, with an aesthetic and flavor spectrum all its own.

The brewery was launched in 2015, founded by three third-generation Japanese-Brazilians. The trio includes brewer and business strategist Maíra Kimura, creative director Yumi Shimada and brewer Fernanda Ueno. If you haven’t heard of it yet and love beer, you probably will soon.

The beers are a tribute to Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, with ingredients like ginger, yuzu, jasmine, and more. There’s a tangy line called Sawā and some very creative ones, like a refreshing witbier with orange peel and ginger and an IPA with blueberries and jabuticaba. They even make a matcha beer. It’s all a beer industry reflection of the large Japanese population that resides in Brazil (at 2 million people, that’s the largest outside of Japan itself). The beers are a nod to this culture and many of the ingredients, all natural, come from fellow Japanese-Brazilians in Brazil.

Meet the Founders

Ueno says she has always been close to craft beer, thanks to a father who was very involved in the scene. She dabbled in architecture before studying food engineering, which led to many home-brewing projects. Since then, she has not stopped brewing.

Kimura followed a similar trajectory, starting to brew at home around 2009. “In 2011, I went to England to learn how to brew professionally and took a technical course,” says Kimura. “The same year, I also got my brewer certification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.”

Shimada took a beer sommelier course in 2012, fascinated by the craft boom. She started going to festivals and business events (where she met her partners) and landed gigs making artwork for breweries.

How Japas Cervejaria was formed

It all started with a beer called Wasabiru.

“We got together to brew a beer just for fun in 2014 and we brewed a 40 liter batch on a home brew system,” Ueno recalls. An American Pale ale was the base, a blank canvas on which to experiment with Japanese ingredients.

“When the beer was ready, we all went to Yumi’s in São Paulo to try it and everyone’s favorite was the version with Wasabi,” she says.

It was such a success that a city brewery invited the crew to brew an 800 liter batch. The release party was a huge success and the brand was born the following year.

In 2019, Japas Cervejaria started brewing in the United States. They were able to do this thanks to Beerternational, an innovative program that allows foreign breweries to brew batches of fresh beer in the United States. Currently, several states are carrying the line, and more are expected to follow.

These things take time, especially when venturing into an industry historically dominated by white males, not to mention the dearth of supply chains around the world (particularly difficult for a brand that uses lesser-known and more difficult ingredients to find).

The trio behind the Japas Cervejaria brewery.

Build a brand

Shimada comes up with the word “resistance” when asked about navigating the landscape. “If it’s hard to have female representation in the beer market, imagine what that does for Asian women, black women, trans people, etc.,” she says. “Our role is to not only raise awareness of our empowerment within feminism and Asian causes, but also to embrace all kinds of diversities that are often excluded.”

They’ve teamed up with like-minded outfits and attend festivals that support the great cause, like Beers Without Beards and RIDEA Fest. They survived the pandemic, briefly limiting production and getting creative by opening a gift shop with exceptional items. The beer crowd is starting to take notice and it feels like the momentum is back, if not building. Part of that will always have to do with having a strong narrative.

“We hope to always stay true to our history and our stories, and honor those who came before us,” Kimura said. “In this case, I mean our families and our ancestors, but also the women who have paved the way in so many ways throughout history, which has allowed us to be here today. We are still very clear that our brand is something that we are building as we go, with the help of so many people.And we also try to peek into the future, discovering new trends not only in the beverage industry, but more globally.

What’s next for Japas Cervejaria

What’s new for the brand? Ueno says they’re working on a new Brazil-Japan line, featuring beers like ICHI/UM (a New England IPA with yuzu and cocoa) and NI/DOIS, a Russian Imperial Stout with Brazilian vanilla and ponkan, or tangerine with honey. “It’s a way of showing who we are through our beers,” she says.

There are many breweries in the states that they would like to collaborate with, as well as non-beer brands. “In short, we have fun when we see so much more than beer,” says Shimada. “Our dream? Maybe some Japanese brands like Asics, Mizuno, Sanrio, Uniqlo, etc.

The beer is good and worth seeking out, but the message is even more crucial. “It helps me learn about my background and my family’s history, it’s where I can express my creativity in the best way and where I can see that we have a mission far beyond beer, but also in raising awareness of female empowerment, Asian pride and also embracing all kinds of diversity in an environment that still shows white and male dominance,” Ueno says.

Perhaps the best news yet is this: Japas Cervejaria has just completed a whirlwind tour of the United States, delighting beer lovers across the country with their work. Chances are their beers will be more widely available very soon. They have Texas and South Carolina in their sights, hopefully with other projects.

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CBRN VALEX Offers Preview of Future Emergency Management Training > Air Force Installation & Mission Support Center > News Article Mon, 19 Sep 2022 19:36:28 +0000

— The future of Air Force emergency management (EM) training is taking shape in a remote Utah desert.

In August, more than 40 EM Airmen participated in a two-week Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Validation Exercise (CBRN VALEX) at the Dugway Proving Ground training event. The VALEX was designed to provide realistic wartime CBRN response training.

Experts from the Emergency Management Division of the Air Force Civil Engineering Center at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. developed and organized the event.

“For the past 21 years, we have had a strong focus on executing the emergency management program in support of homeland defense,” said EM Career Field Manager Chief Master Sgt. Adam Womac. “As we examine complex new threats, we know our adversaries may have or are looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) capabilities. This exercise is the foundational footprint to validate that we can be lean, light and nimble in as knowledgeable and competent CBRN specialists operating in this environment.

The 40 participants and eight cadre members, representing teams from nine major commands and the Air National Guard, spent the first week in classrooms and labs with top experts learning the chemistry and biology behind CBRN threats. .

“One of the things I love about this event is that you have scientists and subject matter experts from the chemical and biological defense enterprise,” said Col. Scott Stanford, CEO of the preparation of the AFCEC. “Some of the smartest people in the world are training our Airmen in this environment. This will pay dividends and help build their confidence in their basic skills. »

During the second week of VALEX, Airmen were able to practice what they learned in the classroom in unique training environments. From a small basement bioweapons lab to a state actor WMD facility, the training environments provided by Dugway Proving Ground immersed teams in hyper-realistic scenarios. There was even a network of underground tunnels accessible only through a hidden entrance.

“Operating in the tunnel was pretty cool,” said Staff Sergeant. Jessica Gluth, EM manager at the 496th Air Base Squadron, Morόn Air Base, Spain. “I loved seeing my airmen adapt to this type of environment. The creative thinking was born when they faced different challenges while trying to locate and identify the target.

“These are very realistic and difficult scenarios,” said Mike Connors, head of AFCEC’s emergency management division. “You have to move through a completely dark cave or walk up a mountain to hit your target. I think the Airmen showed great enthusiasm, but there were also some reality checks.

Wearing thick, mission-focused protective posture gear with desert temperatures reaching over 100 degrees took physical and mental toll on Airmen.

“It’s been difficult for them,” said the master sergeant. Rick DeLong, EM Superintendent, Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, and VALEX Team Five lead.
“Put on that mask and work in that environment for hours on end can be tough. In this heat, you are expected to keep your cognitive ability strong enough to hit all the points and targets as you are supposed to.

In addition to classroom training and field exercises, Airmen saw demonstrations of next-generation tools and equipment that may soon be added to EM gear sets. One of the most anticipated was Spot, a robotic dog platform equipped with CBRN sensors designed to inspect potentially dangerous locations for EM airmen.
VALEX participants also tested the Austere Environmental Reconnaissance Surveillance Response Vehicle (AERS) designed to carry a four-person CBRN team and the equipment they need to approach a target.

“AERS is the way of the future,” DeLong said. “We’re able to fit all of our gear that we need to go downscale on a light and nimble platform.”

Organizing training like VALEX has not been easy for AFCEC’s EM Division.

“VALEX is the most complex exercise we’ve done as a community in the last 10 or 15 years,” Connors said. “Bringing the people, planning the scenarios and the logistics to get the equipment to the Dugway Proving Ground was a massive undertaking, but our team killed it! We had exceptional support from our Dugway partners and an incredible team of Hammer Adaptive Communications Element specialists.

Participants believe that the hours of planning have certainly paid off. Asked about the comments he heard from his team, DeLong smiled.

“The best training I’ve ever had in my career,” he said.

“It’s an amazing experience for our professional field, and I’m really excited to see where we’ll go in the future,” Gluth said.

AFCEC management is already looking to build on the success of VALEX.

“It’s the beginning, not the end,” Connors said. “We’re asking, ‘How can we do this multiple times a year and eventually expand it to Pacific Air Forces and US Air Forces Europe theaters?’ I can promise you that VALEX is here to stay.

(Editor’s note: Hazzard is the Head of the Emergency Management Operations Section within the AFCEC Preparedness Directorate)

Journalists endorse self-regulation handbook – Liberia news The New Dawn Liberia, premier resource for breaking news Mon, 19 Sep 2022 13:02:34 +0000

At the PAL Publishers Forum

Liberian journalists from Bomi, Grand Capemount, Rivercess and Grand Bassa on Friday, September 16, 2022 unanimously endorsed a proposed self-regulatory handbook on privacy and personal data protection for use by Liberian media.

Developed by a team of lawyers engaged by the Liberia Publishers Association and the Liberian Press Union in partnership with Liberian Media Initiatives with support from the European Union, the document aimed to enhance media professionalism and the quality of the dissemination of information while seeking to meet the challenges generated by online information campaigns.

The exam was the first since the development of the manual. It follows a series of editor forums organized by PAL since July 23, 2021, soliciting the opinion of journalists on the subject and the need for a self-regulatory manual.

Session attendees

PAL, with the support of the Liberia Media Initiative, co-funded by the European Union, organized a series of editors’ forums to examine ethical practices within the Liberian media, particularly with regard to the confidentiality of personal data, and increase awareness of data privacy among editors and senior media executives.

Each of these forums brought together around thirty participants. In summary, PAL and PUL collaborated to hire a team of lawyers to draft two documents: media self-regulation and personal data privacy protection legislation.

The aims and objectives of these documents are consistent with PAL objectives and are aligned with those of the Internews programs to strengthen freedom of expression and information, enhance media professionalism and quality of information dissemination while addressing the challenges generated by online disinformation campaigns.

In addition, it is planned to establish a program that would lead to advocacy for the government to adopt specific legislation that will address data privacy protection and advocate for the media industry to adopt data privacy regulations. personal data.

The forum held in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, brought together newsroom stakeholders from four counties to first discuss the document that should be released to newsrooms for use by journalists in the absence of autonomous legislation and offer suggestions.

Welcoming the Association and other journalists at Buchanan City Hall, Mayor’s Agent for the Town of Buchanan, Moses D. Hayes, expressed the importance of participating in privacy and privacy discussions. data in general.

PAL President Othello Garblah explained that the purpose of the document under review was aligned with the Association’s objectives as well as the Internews program to strengthen freedom of expression and information.

He said the document aims to enhance media professionalism and the dissemination of quality information while seeking to address the challenges generated by online information campaigns.

Garblah said it is hoped the discussion will set the agenda which could lead to advocacy for the government to pass specific legislation which will address data privacy protection and also advocate for the media industry. on the adoption of legislation on the confidentiality of personal data.

PAL is a representation of newspaper owners, managers and publishers.

In 2021, the Association received a sub-grant to initiate a discussion on personal data protection with the aim of developing the first media self-regulation for Liberia.

Meanwhile, the review of the documents was led by Atty Lamin Kpargoi and it is expected to be validated at the Liberia Press Union Anniversary in Ganta, Nimba County, by the end of the month. month.

GEA announces fun program for Saudi National Day celebrations Sun, 18 Sep 2022 13:39:30 +0000

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia uses Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September to raise awareness about leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin’s disease, support patients affected by blood cancer and collect donations funds for research, said a Saudi oncologist.

According to a 2020 GLOBOCAN report published by the World Health Organization, Saudi Arabia had 4,326 new cases of blood cancer, including 1,698 patients who were detected with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 1,676 with leukemia, 687 with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and 265 with multiple myeloma.

Speaking to Arab News, Dr. Ayman Al-Hejazi, Assistant Professor of Hematology Oncology at King Saudi bin Abdulaziz University of Health Sciences in Riyadh, said: “Blood cancer awareness is becoming more and more largest in Saudi Arabia. There are three main types of blood and bone marrow cancers: leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

“In addition to the malignant nature of the disease, blood cancer treatments and management affect patients and caregivers financially and emotionally. People living with any form of blood cancer are affected in their ability to carry out their daily activities. A strong emotional impact on people living with the disease includes worry about their future, their treatment and the possibility of relapse.

He thinks blood cancer awareness is relatively low around the world.

Al-Hejazi, who also runs the Saudi adult hematology training fellowship program at King Abdulaziz Medical City and is its director, told Arab News: “Awareness is important, and I believe the Saudi government is making a huge contribution. to be raised through various programs and initiatives.

“However, I also believe in the importance of collaborative work between governments, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies that come up with innovative treatments to create the most effective treatment strategies, disease management approaches and, most importantly, , post-treatment care plans designed to prolong patients’ lives.

He said at least nine major national cancer centers are providing treatment to patients in Saudi Arabia.

All types of blood cancer affect patients at different levels, and raising awareness to ensure early cancer detection and treatment can save many lives and improve the quality of life for those undergoing treatment, whether in remission or nearing completion. stages of their recovery, as well as those undergoing repeated therapies.

Dr Ayman Al-Hejazi, Assistant Professor of Hematology Oncology, King Saudi bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

While the Kingdom is considered a high-income country, shortages of cancer treatment drugs remain a significant challenge in Saudi Arabia as well as other developed countries.

“One of the solutions to this challenge would be to focus on treatments and disease management strategies that prolong periods of remission and optimize medication intake. New agents, in addition to the introduction of more practical initiatives such as on-body drug delivery systems for cancer treatments, can reduce the overall costs of disease,” the oncologist said.

Discussing the different types of blood cancer affecting people in the Kingdom, Al-Hejazi said, “All types of blood cancer affect patients at different levels, and raising awareness to ensure early detection and treatment of cancer can save many lives and improve the quality of life. the lives of those undergoing treatment, in remission or in the final stages of their recovery as well as those undergoing repeated therapies.

“All types of blood cancer are dangerous and patients in the Kingdom are frequently diagnosed with all types. Multiple myeloma is considered the second most common malignancy in the blood,” he added.

Multiple myeloma – most commonly diagnosed in people aged 65 to 74 – is a cancer of plasma cells, which are types of white blood cells found in the bone marrow. However, in the Kingdom, many cases are detected at a younger age, with less than 7% of the population being over 65.

Commenting on common symptoms and diagnostic strategies at different stages of blood cancer, the oncologist said some of the common symptoms of blood cancer include weight loss, bruising or bleeding, lumps or swelling, a shortness of breath, profuse night sweats, persistent, recurrent disorders or serious infections and high fevers. Symptoms of multiple myeloma may also include persistent or recurring bone pain, fractures, persistent fatigue due to anemia or kidney failure, and nervous system disorders.

Initial blood cancer diagnoses may include a complete blood test that measures the amount of each type of blood cell in a sample, as well as a bone marrow biopsy to confirm multiple myeloma, Al-Hejazi said.

Early treatments are likely to include a mix of different drugs. Chemotherapy is often considered the only treatment option, but a range of cancer drugs are also available in the Kingdom.

The majority of people newly diagnosed with blood cancer receive emotional support and care from their family, but many patients still feel isolated even when surrounded by loved ones and turn to the internet for help. help, Al-Hejazi said.

Family members are more likely to provide multiple types of care, such as helping the patient with general household chores. Caregivers can often be heavily impacted by their role, affecting them psychologically, socially and financially. During this time, cancer patients can develop mental health issues and, most commonly, suffer from depression and fear.

The most important goal, however, should be to prolong progression-free periods, with the ultimate goal of treating multiple myeloma being to minimize the economic burdens for patients and caregivers, Al-Hejazi said.

The term blood cancer is a general description of various blood-forming cancers. Our blood circulates through the blood vessels to supply all the tissues of the body with nutrients.

In about five liters of blood circulating in our body, there are billions of blood cells that perform various vital functions. All blood cells come from hematopoietic stem cells.

Hematopoietic stem cells are called stem cells and are able to renew and replace other cells that die.

Blood cancer is an abnormal proliferation of cells in the bone marrow, particularly white blood cells. Cancer cells flood the blood and drive out healthy cells.

As a result, the blood can no longer perform its basic tasks, such as transporting oxygen and protecting the body against infections.

10 Best Loans No Credit Check & Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval Sat, 17 Sep 2022 12:04:00 +0000

Applicants with poor credit ratings have always struggled to obtain financing from banks, credit unions, microfinance, and even online lenders. These lenders require applicants to have excellent credit scores, good income, and assets to secure loans.

However, this article reviews some of the best lending platforms where you can get no credit check loans with bad credit. Check out the list below;


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  • Loan applications are approved quickly.
  • The lending platform has friendly loan terms for applicants with bad credit.
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  • People without a source of income cannot get a loan without a credit check.

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  • Applicants with too low credit scores end up paying high interest rates.

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If you are looking for a reliable lending platform to help you get a financial boost, you should try iPaydayLoans. This company has partnered with reputable lenders who offer loan products to applicants who find it difficult to obtain loans from conventional financial institutions due to poor credit scores.

These lenders will not reject your application based solely on your credit scores. They make lending decisions after reviewing your financial information, debt-to-equity ratio, credit history, and income, among other factors.

Additionally, the lending platform is encrypted with next-generation technology to ensure the privacy and security of your personal and financial information.

  • Competitive interest rates even for applicants with poor credit ratings.
  • Most lenders will not put your details through rigorous credit checks.
  • You can get funding within the next business day.
  • Secure lending platform to keep your data confidential.
  • The loan company is only licensed to operate in certain states.

Secure loans without credit checks with flexible repayment terms through iPadydayLoans.

Why can I use loans without credit check?

You can use no credit check loans to cover any urgent expense that comes your way. Most lenders transfer the money to your bank account for you to use. Funds can pay for medical bills, tuition, shopping, or wedding expenses.

Is a no credit check loan safe?

Yes, as long as you take out loans without a credit check from a reliable lending platform, you are good to go. However, beware of scam loan sites that require you to pay an upfront fee before your loan application is approved.

What happens if I don’t repay loans without a credit check?

Failure to repay loans without a credit check on time results in late payment penalties, an additional cost to your loan. Additionally, your credit score may be negatively affected, which will prevent you from qualifying for loans in the future. If circumstances do not allow you to repay the loan on time, inform your lender in time for advice.

Banks, credit unions and microfinance may not consider your loan applications if you have a bad credit rating. However, bad credit is not a problem when you apply with the loan companies reviewed in this article. They will help you get loans without credit check and get same day funds without going through lengthy loan processes.

Check the websites of these companies for more information on the no credit check loan options available to you.

Art installation pays tribute to victims of drug addiction | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 17 Sep 2022 04:10:46 +0000

Stacey Lingenfelt (left) and Aleisha Albertson work on memorial headstones for loved ones who died of drug overdoses. Lingenfelt’s son, Cody, died of an overdose at age 19. Albertson created a piece in honor of her friend Whitney. Mirror photo by Cati Keith

Memorial headstones created by local residents who have lost loved ones to drug addiction will be part of the National Trail of Truth in Washington, DC on September 24.

The live performance art event in DC will honor those who have died of substance use-related causes and raise awareness of drug-related deaths. The headstones will serve as both a memorial and a public art installation.

Families United for Change and ArtsAltoona Blank Canvas partnered with area families on Tuesday to create local headstones.

Families United for Change’s Marianne Sinisi created a headstone for her son, Shawn, who died of an overdose in 2018.

“It’s quite sad to do that” she said, noting that some local residents decided against making a memorial because it was too difficult emotionally.

Because everyone involved had lost a family member or friend to addiction, there was a shared camaraderie.

“It was nice to be with people who understand, but it’s still a sad reminder of what we lost,” Sinisi said

Aleisha Albertson, deputy director of Blair’s drug and alcohol programs, made a headstone in memory of her friend, Whitney, who was like a sister.

Raising awareness about drug addiction is important, she said.

About 80 groups across the country are participating in the headstone project, and local coordinators hope the headstones, once erected as part of the art installation, will have a powerful impact on others.

Cardboard headstone silhouettes feature special photos and decorations for each family.

Albertson placed a photo of Whitney on her coin along with a sun, moon, and stars.

“After he passed away, I named a star after him because his smile was so bright,” she says.

While the event was dark, Albertson said everyone was very supportive and it was nice to be in a room full of people who understood how everyone was feeling.

She said the completion of the project brought a sense of loss, but being able to honor Whitney meant a lot.

“Being able to do one more thing to commemorate her is another way for me to recognize that she is still a part of my life even though I can’t see her every day now,” said Albertson.

About a dozen people took part in the project, said Sherry Dilling, program manager for ArtsAltoona.

“It’s a really powerful project, but it’s therapeutic for those who create the tombstones,” she says.

The completed headstones will be sent to New York where they will then be taken to Union Square in Washington.

On September 24, the gravestones of the Blair County group will join the more than 1,000 already collected for display.

When Dilling saw the number of headstones on display in Washington, it made him realize how many families were still grieving.

“It opened my eyes in so many ways, and I think these tombstones send a very powerful message,” she says.

Sinisi is unable to attend the event this year, but plans to go next year.

“My hope is that there will be no reason to attend next year,” she says.

Mirror editor Cati Keith can be reached at 814-946-7535.

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The Northerner | Principals and Program Leaders Speak Out on New College of Computing Schools Fri, 16 Sep 2022 21:53:48 +0000

The new semester marks a turning point for the College of Computing, which will begin to include two new schools. All existing diploma courses are now grouped within the School of Computing and Analytics or the School of Media and Communication.

The School of Computing and Analytics offers degree programs in Information Systems and Analytics (Business Information System, Health Informatics, Library Informatics), Computer Science and Software Engineering (Applied Software Engineering, Computer Science , data science) and in cybersecurity and information technology. Master’s programs in management informatics, health informatics and cybersecurity are also grouped within the school.

The School of Media and Communication includes Communication and Public Relations (Communication Studies, Health Communication, Public Relations and a Masters program in Communication) as well as Media and Journalism (3D Digital Design and Visual Effects , electronic media and broadcasting, journalism).

According to College of Computing Dean Kevin Kirby, the reorganization is intended to elevate the COI programs and increase clarity for prospective students. It follows the model of the existing School of Arts, which was once made up of three separate departments: Drama and Dance, Music and Fine Arts.

“We have a College of Computing – although some people don’t know what computing is – and then we have three departments,” Kirby said. “We thought, ‘Well, why not combine two of them around the theme of computing and analytics, bring these people together, and then elevate communications and media?'”

Kirby hopes that bringing together different people from different disciplines will give them new ideas about curriculum, research projects, student engagement, international affairs, and interaction with other colleges. It will also make it easier to break down barriers between disciplines, so that a journalism professor interested in data journalism, for example, can get an appointment in the part of the school that focuses on databases. and analysis.

Two directors will assume the management of the schools. Traian Marius Truta, previously Associate Director of the Computer Science Department, is the Acting Director of the School of Computer Science and Analytics. The Chair of the Department of Communication, Stephen Yungbluth, is now the Acting Director of the School of Media and Communication.

The new schools are currently in a pilot year awaiting approval from President Ashish Vaidya and the Board of Trustees. Kirby and the new principals assure that the reorganization will produce no direct or immediate changes to the curriculum, degree requirements, class schedules or faculty.

“It’s mainly a reorganization of faculty levels,” Truta said. “The impact [on students] is almost non-existent. »

Indeed, the formation of new schools primarily affects faculty and staff structures at the administrative level. A program manager now oversees each program – made up of several degrees – within the schools.

Rasib Khan is the Computer Science and Software Engineering Program Manager, Tony Tsetse the Cybersecurity and Information Technology Manager and Crystal Summers the Information Systems and Analytics Manager. Within the School of Media and Communication, Zach Hart is in charge of communication and public relations and Sara Drabik leads media and journalism.

According to Yungbluth, such a restructuring shifts the workload away from the department manager, allowing the division of labor to be more manageable for everyone involved. The principal’s responsibilities aren’t too different from those of a department chair, he said, such as curriculum review and faculty performance. But in his new position, he now has more freedom to take on other tasks.

Yungbluth is looking forward to exploring what he always wanted to do as a department manager, but never found the time, and to spend more time on strategic initiatives instead of managing day-to-day operations. Among his priorities is planning class times further in advance, so that students know better when certain classes are offered and can plan their schedules accordingly.

For Kirby, the greater impact of the new schools adds to how Northern Kentucky University stands out from other universities. COI is joined at the hip with other NKU colleges and works alongside other NKU hallmarks like SOTA and the Health Innovation Center to elevate the institution, he said.

As the new model enters the pilot, he eagerly waits to see the new leaders settle into their positions.

“You have young faculty members who have never been leaders before, and suddenly they can shape programs. It’s really nice to see that: you have all this creative energy that we release,” Kirby said.

Rasib Khan came to NKU in 2016 as an associate professor specializing in cybersecurity. He has been involved in multiple initiatives for the Cybersecurity department, chairman of the pre-proposal committee, and was offered the position of program manager for computer science and software engineering in July. In addition to taking care of all major and minor programs, he carries out maintenance and updates to the school’s website.

“There are a lot of moving parts right now, a lot of roles that are being defined and redefined,” Khan said, adding that overlapping subject areas within the school will enable collaboration between faculty and increase the efficiency of management.

Sarah Drabik was already Program Director for Electronic Media and Broadcasting before being approached with an offer of involvement as Program Manager, a role she considers a natural fit. Although her responsibilities as program leader are still under discussion, she is involved in creating and scheduling courses, enrolling students, organizing tours, attending recruitment events, and setting up students’ relationship with professors who can deepen their interest.

“I see it as a service role to the department, to the college, and more importantly I’m just there to help the rest of the faculty in my program, to teach their courses to the best of their abilities, to work with their students, so that everything stays organised,” she said.

As the new schools are indeed under construction, the road ahead will not be without obstacles. Kirby says competition from other universities and declining enrollment are the main challenges COI will face in the future. Other challenges include keeping the curriculum up-to-date and providing students with cutting-edge education, which can prepare them for graduation in ever-changing fields.

“You hear the dean talk about how a school is more of a destination, so [the challenge is] making sure that we are in fact a destination, that we can live up to that meaning of a name and what it offers,” Yungbluth said. “It sounds more prestigious, but if there’s nothing to back it up, it might become meaningless.”

For Truta, the challenge is to make sure everyone knows who to contact and how things will unfold from now on.

“By trying out this model, we hope to lay the foundation for true college transformation in the years to come,” Truta said. “We try to make things work better and we try to increase the visibility of schools outside of NKU.”

The COI also provides internal grants and talks with board members, company representatives, employers and stakeholders, all to develop new ideas for leveraging the schools.

“I guess the most important thing about schools is just a foundation,” Kirby added. “They’re not going to change the world by themselves, but they make change much easier and much faster.”

Echoing that sentiment, Drabik hopes to put a good front on the programs for everyone in the community, both at NKU and beyond.

“We do a lot and not everyone understands that. Our students and faculty have won so many awards, worked on so many projects, helped so many nonprofits in the community. They left such a mark on the region and I’m glad it’s more widely known,” she said. “I’m thrilled that this new structure can make it easier for us to do even cooler things, to leave even more of an impact.”

MLB The Show 22 Legends of the Franchise Featured Program Guide – All Rewards, Missions, How to Earn XP, and More Fri, 16 Sep 2022 19:41:51 +0000

Throughout the life of MLB The Show 22, San Diego studios have honored the faces, futures and stars of each franchise. Now the legends have time to shine. On September 16, the featured program Legends of the Franchise went live. This program includes 30 99 OVR legends, one for each team. Additionally, users can also earn a host of other rewards, including henchmen and bosses from past programs. So, what exactly is planned for this program? We’ll take a look.

Legends of the Franchise Rewards

Here’s a breakdown of all the rewards for All-Stars in the franchise, along with the XP requirements to reach each level:

Level Reward XP requirement
1 Banner and 250 Heels 2,500
2 MLB The Show 22 Pack 5,000
3 Profile icon and 250 stubs 7,500
4 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 10,000
5 Profile icon and 250 stubs 12,500
6 Legend Icon Pack and 500 Stubs 15,000
seven Bat skin and 500 heels 17,500
8 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 20,000
9 Bat skin and 500 heels 22,500
ten 1,000 heels 25,000
11 Bat skin and 500 heels 27,500
12 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 30,000
13 Legendary Bat Skin Pack and 500 Stubs 35,000
14 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 40,000
15 Classic Stadium Pack 45,000
16 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 50,000
17 MLB The Show 22 Pack 55,000
18 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 60,000
19 Lot of 45 headliners 65,000
20 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 70,000
21 Ballin’ is a habit pack 75,000
22 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 80,000
23 2,500 heels 85,000
24 Unlockable pack and 500 Stubs 90,000
25 Set of 46 headliners (x2) 95,000
26 AL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 100,000
27 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 105,000
28 Unlockable Item Pack (x2) and 1,000 stubs 110,000
29 AL Flashback and Legends Choice Pack 115,000
30 AL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 120,000
31 NL Flashback and Legends Choice Pack 125,000
32 Unlockable Item Pack (x2) and 1,000 stubs 130,000
33 Ballin’ is a habit pack 135,000
34 AL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 140,000
35 3,000 heels 145,000
36 Unlockable Choice Pack (x2) and 1,000 stubs 150,000
37 NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 160,000
38 Large Dog Set 1 Choice Pack 170,000
39 NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 180,000
40 Set of 2 large dog choices 190,000
41 NL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 200,000
42 Set of 3 large dog choices 210,000
43 AL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 220,000
44 Cover Athletes Choice Pack 230,000
45 AL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 240,000
46 Takashi Okazaki Set 1 Choice Pack 250,000
47 AL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 260,000
48 Always Intense Set 1 Pack of your choice 270,000
49 NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 280,000
50 Set Always Intense 2 Choice Pack 290,000
51 NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 300,000
52 Takashi Okazaki Set 2 Choice Pack 310,000
53 NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 320,000
54 2022 All-Star Game Pick Pack 330,000
55 AL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 340,000
56 Home Run Derby Choice Pack 350,000
57 AL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 360,000
58 AL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 370,000
59 NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 380,000
60 NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 390,000
61 NL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack 400,000
62 5,000 heels 410,000
63 Five Tool Player Toolbox Choice Pack 420,000
64 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 430,000
65 Set of 46 headliners (x3) 440,000
66 Juicy Set 1 Pack of your choice 450,000
67 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 460,000
68 Ballin’ is a habit pack 470,000
69 5,000 heels 480,000
70 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 490,000
71 Ballin’ out of Control Pack 500,000
72 Ballin’ is a habit pack 520,000
73 Set of 43 headliners (x2) 540,000
74 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 560,000
75 5,000 heels 580,000
76 AL EAST All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 600,000
77 AL CENTRAL All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 620,000
78 AL WEST All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 640,000
79 NL EAST All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 660,000
80 NL CENTRAL All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 680,000
81 NL WEST All-Stars of the Franchise Choice Pack 700,000
82 2022 All-Star Game Pick Pack 725,000
83 Home Run Derby Choice Pack 750,000
84 Juicy Set 1 Pack of your choice 775,000
85 Ballin’ out of Control Pack 800 000
86 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 825,000
87 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5) 850,000
88 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10) 875,000
89 Ballin’ out of Control Pack 900,000
90 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10) 925,000
91 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10) 950,000
92 MLB The Show 22 Pack (x20) 975,000
93 Ballin’ Out of Control Pack (x2) 1,000,000

Users can obtain 18 Legends of the Franchise cards through this program. Keep in mind that for this program, Legends of the Franchise players obtained from Choice Packs can be sold.


Here are the team leaders for this program:

  • Cy Young (Red Sox)
  • Brooks Robinson (Orioles)
  • Jorge Posada (Yankees)
  • Wade Boggs (rays)
  • Shawn Green (Blue Jays)
  • Cliff Lee (Guardians)
  • Torii Hunter (twins)
  • Ray Durham (White Sox)
  • Alan Trammell (Tigers)
  • Bret Saberhagen (Royals)
  • Rickey Henderson (A)
  • Edgar Martinez (Mariners)
  • Ivan Rodríguez (Rangers)
  • Roy Oswalt (astros)
  • Jered Weaver (Angels)
  • Tom Glavine (Mets)
  • AJ Burnett (Marlins)
  • Mike Schmidt (Philippines)
  • André Dawson (nationals)
  • Hank Aaron (Braves)
  • Prince Fielder (brewers)
  • Ozzie Smith (Cardinals)
  • Ryne Sandberg (Cub Scouts)
  • Jason Bay (Pirates)
  • Joe Morgan (Reds)
  • Tony Gwynn (Chaplains)
  • Willie McCovey (Giants)
  • Don Sutton (Dodges)
  • Steve Finley (Diamondbacks)
  • Todd Helton (Rockies)

How to earn XP

For those new to MLB The Show 22, we should note that there are plenty of ways to earn XP. Players can play MLB The Show 22’s various game modes and earn XP after each game, including Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and even March through October. Daily and featured program moments have also been added for this program. Daily Moments offer a 3,000 XP boost, while Featured Moments give the same amount for each completed. Additionally, users also get a boost for winning games in the Legends of the Franchise event.

Users can also earn XP by completing the missions that SDS has inserted into this program. Users can use boss cards obtained from past programs (i.e. Field of Dreams, Dog Days of Summer, Back to Old School) and grind for PXP points. Each of the final three bosses have PXP missions, and players will receive 5,000 XP for completing each one.

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Additionally, MLB The Show has also added a new Conquest, titled Legends of the Franchise EAST. Users can claim 40,000 XP just for completing it. Be on the lookout for additional Legends of the Franchise WEST and CENTRAL conquests, player schedules, and any matchups.

Additionally, users can claim 15,000 XP for obtaining Lightning Mookie Betts and the Retro Finest Roberto Clemente. If you haven’t claimed bonus XP from any of the four extreme bosses yet, 30,000 XP awaits each of the four via collections.

This program will last three weeks. It will end on October 7.