Electronic Merchant Systems offers an industry-leading Merchant Services Agent program in South Dakota

Cleveland, Ohio-

Electronic Merchant Systems, one of the nation’s leading payment processing and merchant services providers, invites South Dakota merchant services agents to join its ISO Agent Program. Readers can learn more about the ISO Agent program by visiting https://www.emscorporate.com/merchant-services-iso-agent-program-sd.

Electronic Merchant Systems has an extensive and robust infrastructure that enables it to provide a level of service to its agents, and by extension its agents’ customers, that is industry leading and, in many cases, surpasses equivalent offers from its competitors. . EMS credit card processors enjoy several benefits, including a 10-minute automatic approval process, a discount program, a wide selection of sponsoring banks to choose from, a dedicated relationship manager, a 24/7/365 US-based customer support, access to the industry-leading MyPortfolio sales portal, and full transparency in the process, from sign-up to serving their merchant customers.

A spokesperson for Electronic Merchant Systems explained why ISO agents should join the EMS agent program. They said, “We’ve been helping ISO agents in South Dakota and the rest of the country provide their clients with the most industry-standard payment processing technology for over 30 years. Once you start working in this industry, you’ll realize how much we’ve streamlined our onboarding process so you can sign up and approve merchants quickly and seamlessly. You can serve merchants in any industry you choose, including retail stores, bars, restaurants, e-commerce companies, professional services, business services, and specialty businesses. Our technology is our greatest advantage, and it will be yours too. Your merchants will spend more time onboarding merchants instead of trying to get clear and consistent communication from their agent program. As a result, you’ll have more time to find and close new deals, increasing your earning potential and allowing you to quickly conquer your local market. Visit our website and view the comprehensive list of payment processing services we offer. When you’re ready to become an agent, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy’s 2021 Small Business Profile, South Dakota has approximately 89,942 small businesses, which represent 99% of all business entities in the state. They hire 210,301 employees, or about 58.5% of the state’s workforce. The 2020 pandemic caused the state’s economy to slow down in line with how it affected businesses across the country, but it also rebounded with the same speed. The future also looks bright because, before the pandemic hit, growth in the state’s small business landscape between 1994 and 2018 exceeded the national average.

The Electronic Merchant Systems spokesperson commented on South Dakota’s growing economy and the opportunities it presents for those considering enrolling in the ISO Agent program, saying, “Many businesses are starting up and closing every year. According to the 2021 Small Business Profile, between March 2019 and March 2020, 2,942 South Dakota establishments opened and 2,598 closed, for a net increase of 344. As long as the American dream is alive and people believe in values with hard work and perseverance, entrepreneurs will set out to achieve their dreams. It also gives you a lot of growth to rely on to find new customers. Be sure to strike the iron while it’s hot so you’re ready to build a network of customers in your area before these opportunities are taken by your competitors.

South Dakota readers interested in enrolling in the EMS ISO Agent program can contact the company through their website. Readers are also encouraged to view the company’s equivalent Vermont ISO Agent Program.


For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems, contact the company here:

Electronic merchant systems
(800) 726-2117
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Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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