Eco-friendly All-In On All Citizens Boxer Briefs

Re: Luxe Paradise eco-friendly All Citizens pocket boxer brief. All citizens

Looking for a little comfort before the holidays? It is best to start with the basics. Comfortable underwear will provide a perfect base to facilitate holiday season and family celebrations in your best sons.

On November 4, All Citizens, a high-end, performance-oriented men’s clothing brand, responded to this need while delivering on its mission to democratize comfort by introducing a new collection of eco-friendly boxers. . This All Citizens rollout comes with a new company-wide branding, a new website and charitable initiatives such as the For all Social mission.

All Citizens’ now offers reinvented Re: Luxe Paradise Pocket boxers; an improved rebuilt basecoat for a sleeker, more minimal appearance. Not only the briefs have a modern design with stylish patterns, but the briefs are also environmentally friendly. All Citizens becomes one of the first underwear manufacturers to make beautiful garments from recycled performance microfiber.

These staples were created to be powerhouses. Re: Luxe Performance Microfiber wicks moisture, dries quickly, odor-free and soft while providing 360-degree elasticity. All Citizens claims that the fiber has better color retention in addition to its lightness and durability.

“We have spent over a year developing our new performance fabric Re: Luxe so that our products are more durable and have the same performance characteristics that our customers know and love,” said Danny Charbonnet, Founder of All Citizens, in a press release. “Performance and durability are a powerful combination and the new Re: Luxe fabric performs on both fronts. ”

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For Re: Luxe Paradise Pocket boxers, this includes a “Paradise Pocket”, an encompassing mesh cradle to prevent unwanted skin contact, sticking and friction, “Mesh Breath Zones” – micro-vents for added uncompromising airflow and ventilation – and grip the thighs to keep the underwear from pulling up and settling. To add to the ease of access, there is also a quick-access horizontal fly for faster, more natural movement and a “Locker Loop” which allows it to be easily hung in gym lockers, on hangers, even on tree branches, when needed. The Re: Luxe Paradise Pocket boxers are available in two fits: standard and athletic.

Additionally, All Citizens unveiled a rebranded and updated website that features 3D models and augmented reality to convey the feel of tech products as opposed to just clothes.

Along with the launch of the Re: Luxe Paradise boxers, All Citizens is launching its charity program, the For all Social mission, in partnership with five charities to democratize and make comfort accessible to all. A portion of sales of limited edition print briefs will be allocated to charitable groups with each purchase.

All Citizens’ Re: Luxe Paradise eco-friendly boxers are available now for $ 18 / pair

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