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The Dell EMC Partner Program has provided partners with marketing, sales and development resources. Explore the opportunities as a Dell Channel Partner.

The Dell Technologies Partner Program was announced in late 2007, opening the door for value-added resellers looking to resell and collaborate with the Dell product offering. Unsurprisingly, Dell has only increased its presence in the market and has become an effective distribution partner for resellers.

In 2020, Dell Technologies had a global workforce of more than 35,000 people, a presence in 180 countries and a market share of more than $ 45 billion. Offering hardware, software, services and solutions, Dell is a leading multinational IT provider serving 99% of Fortune 500 companies.

This article details the Dell Partner Program requirements, levels and benefits, financial incentives, training, and resources to maximize collaboration as a Dell Reseller.

Partner requirements

Organizations interested in the Dell Partner Program begin by submitting an application. Upon approval by Dell, the company obtains authorized partner status and is eligible for additional benefits. Benefits such as transaction recording and MDFs are available after committing to the program by meeting income and training benchmarks.

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Partner application

Are you interested in the Dell Partner Program? The application is relatively short and is the only requirement listed for consideration. Initially, businesses have a choice of three Dell distribution channels: solution providers, cloud service providers, and OEM partners.

After selecting the correct path, all organizations must list a sponsoring distributor. This reference is critical to the organization’s bid as Dell will contact the distributor to confirm the candidate partner’s standards of excellence and compliance.

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Partner levels

Partner levels include Authorized, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Here are some of the benefits that stand out:

Stage Advantages
Authorized MyRewards points-based program for sales and Cloud Partner Connect
Gold Eligibility for Competency in Service Delivery and Online Demonstration Center
Platinum VMware access for resale and partner discounts and advisory
Titanium Management support and highest repayment potential

Financial incentives and partner funding

Dell’s Partner Program understands that profitability is critical to business continuity. The top three links – Gold, Platinum, and Titanium – offer discounts for customer acquisition, targeted sales of commercial products, and more.

For Marketing Development Fund (MDF), Dell Partner Program incentives include earned and proposal-based MDFs. Whether it’s a predefined sales rate that rewards additional revenue, or a strategic proposition to shift sales for a priority marketing campaign, the higher the level, the greater the financial benefits.

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Partner training

The Dell Partner Program includes a comprehensive training and skills program to ensure Dell Resellers have the knowledge and resources to succeed. When partners gain expertise in Dell products, solutions and services, the result is increased quality and quantity of sales. Add to that, and the Dell Partner Program encourages partner training by offering higher program levels and greater benefits for the skills learned.

Portfolio and service delivery skills include training in Dell endpoint and workstation security for customer solutions. For infrastructure solutions, the list goes on with skills for solutions such as data storage and protection.

The proposed solutions skills include:

  • Custom APEX solutions, cloud services and infrastructure
  • Dell Technologies Unified Workspace
  • Data-centric workloads for data analytics, AI, SAP and SQL
  • Dell Technologies Cloud (DTC)

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Partner resources

Dell Partner Portal

The Dell Partner Portal is the go-to platform for partner resources, tools, and support. Organizations can access their personalized partner program details, track compliance and record transactions.

Other features include:

  • Sales, configuration and quotes
  • Resale and delivery services
  • Payment and financing solutions
  • News, trends and events

Any organization interested in Dell Partners can easily find partners by skill, location and service on the front-end of the Dell Partner Portal.

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Sales resources

Expertise can go a long way, but partners also need easy access to the latest product information, including highly technical specifications. The Dell Partner Program offers a handful of resources for maximizing sales capacity. One tool is a sales campaign proposition tool for rapid deployment, while another is the Customer Solutions Center enabling custom design for unique solutions.

With the demo program, partners can purchase products at discounted prices for customer demonstrations, proofs of concept, as well as internal product development and testing. Dell’s solution-centric materials give Dell resellers the knowledge to fill the pipeline, make sales and close big deals.

Marketing and demand generation

Marketing has become much easier with the Dell Partner Network at an organization’s fingertips. Partners can collaborate to increase product awareness and generate leads that turn into customers and sales. The Dell Partner Program Marketing Institute empowers partners with all the skills of the company’s marketing portfolio, including MDF planning.

According to Dell, using their digital marketing tools can help maximize return on investment and minimize the time and resources spent on marketing.

The Stop at Nothing program provides Dell resellers with end-to-end campaign resources and pipeline opportunities to point customers in the right direction for solutions. With Dell’s data center portfolio, PowerStore, customer portfolio and latitude laptops, partners can deliver more customers than ever imagined.

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