Coldest Village in Hungary Hosts Cold Festival – Program Guide, VIDEO

During the cold winter months, many people want nothing more than the warmth of the house. Still, there is a special Hungarian festival to celebrate the inconveniences of winter together. Zabar, also known as Hungarian Siberia, awaits its visitors with a special frost festival this weekend.

At first glance, the small isolated village of Zabar is nothing special. Yet the small village – located north of Nógrád County – holds a special record. It has the coldest average winter temperature in Hungary. Hence, the small village is also known as Hungarian Siberia. An even more surprising fact is that Zabar holds a special festival every year to celebrate the inconvenience of winter.

In 2020, the village held its first cold festival to kick off a tradition, but last year the event was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This year, however, the Zabar Winter Festival will be held for the second time, on January 8, and awaits its visitors with special and entertaining programs.

As a result, visitors can participate in a cooking competition, mulled wine competition, brandy tasting, skiing, and musical theater performances. In addition, József Mónus, Hungarian long-distance archer world champion, will light the cold festival bonfire with a flaming arrow. As Sokszínű Vidék reports, entry to the winter festival is free.

In the village, temperatures can sometimes drop below freezing even in spring. As Földjaró reports, last year -5.9 ° C was measured on April 28, 2021. In addition, during the winter months, the temperature can drop below -20 ° C.

Last year, on February 13, the temperature dropped to -25.8 ° C.

The freezing temperatures are described by a funny saying in the village. It is said that in Zabar, it is so cold in winter that the cat breaks in two at the bend of a bend.

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