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NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans, in partnership with Entergy New Orleans, today announced the launch of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Program, featuring free charging stations for public use that will be installed throughout the town.

The first completed station is located in Pontchartrain Park, adjacent to the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORTH) McBurnett Knox Playground. From today, this charging station is available for public use.

“The launch of the electric vehicle charging stations demonstrates how partnerships between the city government and our local energy service provider, Entergy New Orleans, can come together to create resilient and more efficient transportation opportunities for our residents,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Climate change is a real threat to us, and the City of New Orleans is ahead of the curve and will continue to focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We are positioned to be one of the most resilient communities of our country as we continue to make critical infrastructure investments and improvements in wise, efficient and innovative ways to ensure we can live here for years to come.

“Accelerating the energy transition not only protects New Orleans residents from climate risks, but also prepares our city to thrive in a new energy economy,” said Helena Moreno, City Council President and Committee Chair. on the climate. “Public, free and fair electric vehicle charging was the city council’s goal when we commissioned these facilities in 2019 and through a partnership with the city, Entergy and our local contractors, it is a reality today. “

In total, Entergy New Orleans will provide 30 charging stations at 25 locations across New Orleans, primarily located at NORD facilities, libraries and public parks. These locations were determined through an online survey seeking public input between January and March 2021. The New Orleans Electric Vehicle Steering Committee also evaluated proposed sites to determine final charging station locations. This program is the result of the 2018 Entergy Rate Case, in which the New Orleans City Council approved a partnership between the city and Entergy New Orleans to expand the public charging initiative.

“It is so important to our environment and to the fortunes of our fellow human beings that we are deliberate in taking action to protect and improve our environment,” said District Council Member D Eugene Green. “Having the Mayor, City Council and Entergy New Orleans work together to create this opportunity for citizens to charge electric vehicles for free is a strong statement of our shared commitment to improving the long-term quality of life for all. our fellows. I am also very motivated to celebrate because this first of many charging stations to meet people’s future needs has been built in this beautiful historic community of Pontchartrain Park.

“Working closely with Mayor Cantrell and the New Orleans City Council on projects such as the installation of electric vehicle charging stations will help move the city forward as we accelerate our commitments to a future clean energy,” said Deanna Rodriguez, President and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. “Entergy New Orleans looks forward to continuing to invest in additional clean energy infrastructure.”

Further proof of Entergy’s commitment to electrifying transportation, from 2023, Entergy’s fleet plan includes the transition to the purchase of new fully electric passenger vehicles and necessary equipment, all of which are readily available from manufacturers. Additionally, 80 percent of the company’s aerial drones used to inspect facilities will be powered by electricity by 2031. Additionally, the company’s E-Tech program offers customers an incentive to purchase drones. an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Additional information can be found by visiting

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, electric vehicles are expected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle by around 64%. As New Orleans transitions to cleaner energy sources, additional emission reductions will also be realized.

The United States Congress is also taking steps to reduce the cost of purchasing electric vehicles. On August 16, President Joe Biden signed the Cut Inflation Act, which includes tax credits for qualifying electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that are assembled in the United States. This expanded tax credit would begin in 2023 and is available up to $7,500 for new vehicles and $4,000 for used electric vehicles.

For more information about EV chargers and the EV charging program with Entergy, visit Transportation – Electric Vehicles – City of New Orleans (

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