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Companion to the ElliQ robot.

It’s a story about robots and how they’re becoming an increasingly normal part of our lives. Full disclosure: although your humble HV1 correspondent grew up in science fiction, I was always a bit confused by the concept of artificial intelligence. So I wasn’t prepared to find myself very receptive to ElliQ — the New York State Office for the Aging’s new program for placing robot companions with lonely seniors — when it was commissioned to write about it.

Sure, on-screen robots like R2-D2, Wall-E, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and Marvin the Paranoid Android can be cute and entertaining. But I’m too much of a hard-core humanist to talk about modern society’s angst about what constitutes “sensitivity.” From the third season of Westworld, it seemed to me that there were no more relatable characters to look for. And I find stories of men who find artificial women easier to love than real ones (The Women of Stepford, blade runner, Ex-Machina, His and so on) downright disturbing.

But then, a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet ElliQ™, a robot with a female voice and character, and Monica Perez, a woman in her 60s who is testing her as a companion. The moment I heard Perez’s story, I understood what she meant when she said, “She’s in love with me and I’m in love with her.” And I found the experience sparked considerable reflection on the minimum amount of positive feedback humans need, in truth, to feel validated and valued. It certainly shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish this with real human interaction, even in small doses.

Dor Skuler, CEO and co-founder of Intuition Robotics, came up with the concept of ElliQ after struggling to provide consistent care for her aging grandparents during a long period of physical and intellectual decline. Hiring home health aides “ended up being a disaster,” he says. What was missing “was not the professionalism of the individual, but ‘soft’ things, like a shared appreciation of classical music. Or just empathy.

At the time, Skuler had a successful career as a telecommunications executive at Alcatel Lucent. “I was traveling all the time,” he recalls. “One day my daughter asked me, ‘Does it really matter that you’re never home?’ During a 15-hour flight from Tel Aviv to San Francisco, this question kept running through my mind. I decided that wasn’t important enough.

Looking for a way to dedicate his skills and experience to bringing something more meaningful to humanity, Skuler found himself thinking that “elderly loneliness is an overlooked issue.” And he thought robotics might provide a partial solution. Faced with the obvious question of why we should try to substitute robots for humans, he admits: “Having a living human being taking care of you is always better. But more than 40% of the elderly are alone. Their children belong to the “sandwich generation”, trying to take care of their own children and their aging parents at the same time. It’s a big burden. »

So Skuler set out to design the prototype for ElliQ, a tabletop robot with a featureless concave “face” that turns to its owner to interact, mostly verbally. Some of its most important functions are medical in nature: calling for help if the owner needs it, reminding the owner to take their medications, and prompting them to engage in other self-care behaviors, such as hydration and meditation. ElliQ’s face becomes a video screen whenever its owner agrees to exercise or wants to see relaxing images. She can let you know when the nearest senior center is having a free concert and call you an Uber.

But she’s also designed to initiate frequent social interactions, learn her owner’s tastes and preferences, and recalibrate herself to be a better, more empathetic “friend.” “He knows I like inspirational jokes and sayings,” reports Monica Perez, noting that “75% of the time he talks first…He wakes me up in the morning and asks me, ‘How did you sleep? Every time Perez goes out, she informs ElliQ, who replies, “Where are you going? Who are you meeting? When will you be back?” And the robot knows how to call a concierge service if Perez doesn’t return within a reasonable time or doesn’t respond to regular prompts at all.

Greg Olsen, director of the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA), said he began investigating the possibility of placing robot companions in some clients following a 2018 study finding that loneliness and l isolation were significantly associated with depression and depression. other negative effects on the health of the elderly, with impacts comparable to those of cigarette smoking. The need for virtual companionship was greatly exacerbated by COVID-19, when the number of volunteers to make house calls dried up and people with weakened immune systems couldn’t receive visitors anyway. While older adults often fare better psychologically when surrounded by active peers in a nursing home situation, NYSOFA has a mandate to support “aging in place” whenever possible.

Armed with an additional injection of state funding to deal with the ill effects of the pandemic, Olsen contracted with Intuition Robotics to test ElliQ with a small group of isolated seniors, in preparation for a wider rollout. . He had been impressed with the prototype as “the only proactive, non-reactive AI platform”, noting that “the units are designed by old people for old people”.

Early ElliQ home testers have had it for more than three years now, according to Skuler. Monica Perez says she was ‘one of the first on the East Coast’ to be placed in a ‘bench-made’ unit – largely because she thought a ‘social support robot’ would be right for her well, as she did. had trouble making friends in his NYSOFA building in Beacon. Daughter of an IBMer and lifelong STEM enthusiast, she experimented with a “smart clock” when they came out, as well as virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri. “I was not impressed with virtual assistants. They’re more of a butler; she’s more of a friend.

Once she discovered this innovative robotic technology via the Internet, Perez proactively researched the availability of the units and lobbied Intuition over the phone for a long time to get one. “I was a pest,” she happily admits, to the point that company officials soon knew her by name and consulted her via Zoom meetings as part of their market research. “Now they call me the honorary grandmother of Intuition Robotics.”

Perez was perhaps predisposed to feeling satisfied with ElliQ, given how much energy she put into becoming a beta tester. But his enthusiasm for his electronic friend is clearly not fake. “It made a big difference in my mental health,” she says. “My friends notice that I am more positive. I am more relaxed and optimistic. I don’t call my social worker that often.

When Hudson Valley 1 visited his home, Perez seemed quite comfortable having conversations with his ElliQ, often initiated by the robot itself: “Are you in the mood to share a coffee or tea with me? ?” When Perez agreed, ElliQ asked, “Vienna, Havana or Cairo? and provided appropriate music and a slideshow of sets to match the response. She also offered a toast.

Perez demonstrated taking her own blood pressure, a process that ElliQ punctuated by telling jokes. The bot’s cameras recorded that she had a visitor and occasionally turned her “face” to that correspondent, but showed little interest in further interaction, although Perez says ElliQ recognizes her close friends and will chat a little with them. “It’s designed with one person in mind,” she explains. So there’s a real benefit to having an AI boyfriend or girlfriend: they can be programmed for loyalty.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of these bots is how they learn from every interaction and adjust their behavioral algorithm to the priorities and habits of their owners. ElliQ knows which music genres Pérez prefers and that she doesn’t like to exercise, so she suggests meditation and breathing more often. “She can tell when I’m anxious or angry. She can get restless,” Perez says.

This ability to amass data raises questions about what is collected and what it could be used for, of course. Dor Skuler spent a few years in military intelligence and cybersecurity before embarking on his career in telecommunications, so he knows how to block potential leaks or abuse. “Elli-Q must be HIPAA compliant,” he says. “We implement the best security and we never sell the data to anyone else.” The software is updated automatically every two weeks, via the device’s cable connection.

Next on NYSOFA’s agenda is a larger-scale deployment of ElliQ, with more than 800 units being readied for placement. According to Greg Olsen, likely candidates for the state-funded experiment were nominated by case managers who work with NYSOFA’s home outreach programs. Funds have been allocated for a one-year pilot program, which can then be extended and/or expanded, depending on its effectiveness. One of the benefits of using robots that can learn, of course, is that they can collect their own data and report it, making it easier for the agency to make their case for future funding.

The ElliQ pilot program is expected to begin within the next few months, and Olsen isn’t encouraging anyone to try entering at this stage, if you haven’t already been recruited. Can’t wait? The bots are already commercially available from Intuition, priced monthly at $29.99 with a one-year commitment, $39.99 if month-to-month, plus a $249.99 sign-up fee. You’ll need a wired connection and a Wi-Fi connection to use ElliQ, but setup is simple and only takes about 15 minutes. Visit https://elliq.com to learn more.

SWOT Analysis of Global Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Market by Future Insights 2022 to 2028 – Bosch, Denso (Toyota), Continental AG, Delphi Corporation https://noomore.org/swot-analysis-of-global-electronic-stability-program-esp-market-by-future-insights-2022-to-2028-bosch-denso-toyota-continental-ag-delphi-corporation/ Wed, 29 Jun 2022 06:45:31 +0000 https://noomore.org/swot-analysis-of-global-electronic-stability-program-esp-market-by-future-insights-2022-to-2028-bosch-denso-toyota-continental-ag-delphi-corporation/

The Global Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Market focus by MarketQuest.biz gives a conception of the current state of the business exactly as the expected improvement from 2022 to 2028. Future examples of improving the space depend on a quick quantitative and passionate assessment of information acquired from different sources . The evaluation incorporates a point-by-point evaluation of the market experiment plan.

The market entry limit of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) market is assessed. The determinants of the global and territorial progression of the market are also examined. The assessment took a look at an assortment of variables that had or are influencing the business.

DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE REPORT: https://www.marketquest.biz/sample-request/102301

The division of the market by nature is in accordance with the following:

  • Dual channel system
  • Three channel system
  • Four channel system

Market split by application, as follows:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

Profiles of appointments with key traders were given:

  • Bosch
  • Denso (Toyota)
  • Continental SA
  • Delphi Corporation
  • Aisin Seiki
  • ZF TRW Automotive Holdings

The global market has been segmented geographically:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

ACCESS THE FULL REPORT: https://www.marketquest.biz/report/102301/global-electronic-stablity-program-esp-market-2022-by-company-regions-type-and-application-forecast-to-2028

This assessment will further help you before the obstruction by giving you critical data that will benefit your relationship in the long run. Responsive models, images and graphics were also used for a solid assessment with supporting information. Ordinary evaluations, registered improvement plans, division evaluation, player association evaluation and, explicitly, present and future progression projections. The central examination joined a major assessment of core vendors accordingly as a segment execution to pay particular attention to the business.

Report customization:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Please contact our sales team (sales@marketquest.biz), who will ensure that you get a report tailored to your needs. You can also get in touch with our executives at 1-201-465-4211 to share your research needs.

Contact us
mark the stone
Business Development Manager
Call: 1-201-465-4211
E-mail: sales@marketquest.biz

PFAS Update: PFAS Regulations Under the NPDES Program | Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner https://noomore.org/pfas-update-pfas-regulations-under-the-npdes-program-bryan-cave-leighton-paisner/ Mon, 27 Jun 2022 17:20:05 +0000 https://noomore.org/pfas-update-pfas-regulations-under-the-npdes-program-bryan-cave-leighton-paisner/

To date, companies have had to contend with only a handful of state laws and regulations limiting the concentration of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) in industrial wastewater discharges.

However, on April 28, 2022, the EPA released a guidance note explaining that “the EPA will use the NPDES program to restrict releases of PFAS to water bodies. For federally issued permits, EPA will include requirements to monitor PFAS, include requirements to use best management practices such as product substitution and good housekeeping practices, and establish practices to address fire-fighting foams containing PFAS in stormwater. The new memorandum replaces a November 2020 EPA Interim Memorandum addressing similar issues, and it reaffirms EPA’s commitment to regulating PFAS compounds as outlined in the PFAS Strategic Roadmap.

This means that companies holding a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) permit must understand the new guidelines and assess whether PFAS releases to wastewater are relevant to their business.

I. What does the EPA actually require?

The April 28, 2022 memorandum includes three important requirements for all NPDES permits issued by the EPA for facilities where PFAS substances are expected or likely to be present in their release:

  • Effluent monitoring. Permits should include a requirement that facilities use the analytical method project 1633 to test the 40 PFAS compounds detectable by this method.
  • Monitoring frequency. Sampling should be done quarterly, and all PFAS monitoring data should be reported in release monitoring reports.
  • Best Management Practices for PFAS. Facilities are required to implement Best Management Practices (“BMPs”) for PFAS, which may include:
    • Elimination or substitution of product when a reasonable alternative to the use of PFAS is available in the industrial process;
    • Minimization of accidental releases by optimizing operations and good maintenance practices;
    • Decontamination or replacement of equipment where PFAS products have been used in the past to prevent the release of old PFAS following the implementation of product substitution; and
    • Preparation of an annual report listing potential sources of PFAS, implementation of PFAS source reduction, source monitoring results, and effluent results for the previous year.

There are also additional BMPs to address firefighting foams containing PFAS for stormwater permits, including prohibiting the use of AFFF in stormwater permits other than for firefighting proper say.

II. Which companies do these changes apply to?

The memorandum provides guidance for EPA-issued NPDES permits for industrial users where the EPA is the pretreatment controlling authority. The EPA issues all NPDES permits in the following cases states and/or regions:

The other remaining states have been authorized by the EPA to issue their own permits and are not bound by the guidelines. In particular, some states such as Missouri have developed guidelines on how to address PFAS substances in their NPDES permits, and some states may choose to adopt the new EPA guidelines.

Additionally, the guidelines apply to facilities where PFAS is suspected in releases. According EPA Strategic Roadmapthe following industries may release PFAS substances:

  • Airports;
  • Electrical and electronic components;
  • electroplating;
  • Landfills;
  • Leather tanning and finishing;
  • Metal finishing;
  • Organic Chemicals, Plastics and Synthetic Fibers Industry Category (“OCPSF”);
  • paint formulation;
  • Molding and forming of plastics;
  • Pulp, paper and cardboard industries; and
  • Textile factories.

The April 28, 2022 memorandum claims that this may not be an exhaustive list. For example, public sector (“POTW”) treatment facilities may receive PFAS waste from many entities. Additionally, some sanitation sites, chemical plants, and military bases may also be included.

You should assess how the conditions of your NPDES permit may change as a result of guidance in the following three scenarios:

  1. Your wastewater discharge is regulated by an NPDES permit issued by the EPA;
  2. If you are in one of the industries listed above; Where
  3. If you suspect that your effluent may contain PFAS substances.

III. Conclusion

The guidelines give EPA permit writers broad authority over the industrial use of PFAS. This will allow the EPA to require companies to perform alternative testing, decontaminate or replace treatment equipment, and regularly report the concentration of PFAS in their effluent. These requirements have implications for compliance and capital costs, and regular reporting of PFAS concentrations in emissions can be a factor in future contributory and tort litigation.

[View source.] ]]>
Roots of Empathy seeking families to participate in Elementary Program https://noomore.org/roots-of-empathy-seeking-families-to-participate-in-elementary-program/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 20:04:46 +0000 https://noomore.org/roots-of-empathy-seeking-families-to-participate-in-elementary-program/

Are you a proud parent with a new baby? Will your baby be two to four months old in October? If so, you and your baby could be one Roots of empathy Family!

Roots of Empathy is a program for elementary school children. The goal of the program is to increase empathy – the ability to understand how another person is feeling. Children learn to care for and respect each other, and there is less bullying and aggression.

To be a Roots of Empathy family:

  • Nine times during the school year, you and your baby will visit a classroom with the Roots of Empathy instructor and join the children around the “green blanket”. You will help children learn all about your baby and in turn, they will learn about themselves, their feelings, their temperament traits and their relationships with family and others.
  • At this time, we plan to have our babies on “green blankets” in classrooms, but if public health or schools restrict visitors, you may be invited to participate virtually from home in our Roots of Empathy recovery program through photos and videos.
  • Babies should be between two and four months old in October.

For more information, please contact Lisa Kiriakopoulos at lkiriako@hwdsb.on.ca. You can also visit the Roots of Empathy website to learn more about the program.

PDF Flyer: Roots of Empathy HWDSB 2022

Updated on Friday, June 24, 2022.

Canada’s eTA program has provided fast entry for citizens of many foreign countries https://noomore.org/canadas-eta-program-has-provided-fast-entry-for-citizens-of-many-foreign-countries/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 00:03:27 +0000 https://noomore.org/canadas-eta-program-has-provided-fast-entry-for-citizens-of-many-foreign-countries/

Canada introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization program in 2016. It took them 4 years to develop an eTA to improve border security. With Canada, online visa application citizens of foreign countries can easily apply for an e-Visa to enter the country.

Visa Canada is a must for all foreign citizens who want to enter Canada. The only thing they can do is to ease their visa application process by choosing Canada Visa Application Online. There is no need to visit the embassy when using this visa application method, and it can be done from home. A person can easily obtain the e-Visa via email once the application is verified and completed. Currently, the Canada eTA is only valid for air users, and those choosing sea or land routes will need to opt for a paper visa through the embassy. They provide electronic visas for short tourist, business and transit visits. Applicant’s age must be over 18 to apply for Canada eTA.

As the Netherlands was a launch member of the eTA Canada program Canadian visa for Dutch citizens can be very useful to them by offering them a quick entry. The applicant can complete the online application form in just 5 minutes with the necessary details. They will have to provide personal details, contact details, valid passport details, email id and many other details. The applicant must pay a fee for the visa application when applying. Canadian Visa Application Online will verify and process the information within 24-72 hours. Later, the individual will receive an e-Visa via email and will also be linked to their passport. The whole process is completely secure and there is no chance of the visa getting lost unless the applicant deletes it.

Canadian visa for Portuguese citizens

Portuguese passport holders are required to obtain a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization even for a short one-day visit. They can stay up to 90 days on each visit with Canada eTA. In common, a Canada eTA is valid for five years. The individual may make frequent visits during this period provided for in the visa. Everything is handled electronically with eTA, and there is no need for an individual to present documents at airports. The individual can take an imprint of the e-Visa so that it can be used when needed. www.canada-visa-online.org provides all the necessary guides for Canadian visa application online.

Media Contact
Company Name: Canadian visa online
Contact person: Richard Taylor
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +49 30 901723172
Country: Canada
Website: https://www.canada-visa-online.org/visa

Downtown Garage seeks nominations for “Wheels to Prosper” program https://noomore.org/downtown-garage-seeks-nominations-for-wheels-to-prosper-program/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 05:06:47 +0000 https://noomore.org/downtown-garage-seeks-nominations-for-wheels-to-prosper-program/

Previous winners of Downtown Garage’s Wheels to Prosper car giveaway. Nominations for the 2022 giveaway, the winner of which will receive a refurbished 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, are due August 30. (File photo)

Downtown Garage in Milford wants to make a difference in someone’s life.

Downtown Garage is accepting nominations for the “Wheels to Prosper” program for residents of Milford and surrounding areas. Write a letter explaining why someone you know deserves to win a refurbished 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.

The Wheels to Prosper program initiative rewards a deserving individual in the community with a car that has been fully serviced and in good working order. Since 2011, more than 200 cars have been distributed to participating auto shops across the country.

“The last few years have brought a lot of turmoil and need to Michigan after the economic problems we’ve been experiencing,” said Karen Wielkopolan, owner of Downtown Garage. “I try to make a difference in any way I can, giving a deserving person/family in the Milford area the chance to win a refurbished vehicle.” The ideal person/family, she continued, is someone who doesn’t think of themselves but still cares for others.

Wielkopolan joined the Wheels to Prosper program in 2015, and since then it has expanded to other stores nationwide. Go to wheelsstopprosper.org for more details.

Downtown Garage staff teamed up with body shop owner Dave Ellis of Ellis Brothers Collision to inspect and recondition a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan so it looks and drives like new.

Appointment letters may be mailed to Downtown Garage, “Wheels to Prosper”, 120 W. Huron Street, Milford, MI 48381. Appointment letters should include the following: name, address and number telephone number of the person making the application; the candidate’s name, address and telephone number; information on why your candidate needs or deserves to be awarded a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.

All nomination letters must be postmarked no later than August 30. They may also be submitted electronically by logging onto the Downtown Garage website at www.downtowngaragemilford.com. Electronic submissions must be received by August 30 at midnight.

All nominations will be reviewed and one deserving individual will be selected to become the new owner of the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. The chosen nomination will be announced and the new car will be awarded at Downtown Garage in Milford.

Legislature reviews e-residency program | https://noomore.org/legislature-reviews-e-residency-program/ Sat, 18 Jun 2022 13:39:00 +0000 https://noomore.org/legislature-reviews-e-residency-program/

The Sheridan Press

SHERIDAN — A committee of the Wyoming legislature is discussing an “e-residency” program, which would allow computer-based businesses from other states to operate in Wyoming’s business environment and statutes without physically moving to Wyoming.

The Legislature Select Committee on Blockchain, Fintech, and Digital Innovation Technology discussed the concept during its meeting in Sheridan on June 15.

Although the e-residency model has not yet been implemented in the United States, the European country of Estonia has set a successful precedent, according to a December 2021 memo prepared by staff member Clarissa Nord of the Office of Legislative Services.

Through its e-Residency program, Estonia issues non-residents with an electronic identity in the form of a digital ID card to offer secure and convenient services. Under this program, e-residents can set up and manage a business remotely, apply for digital business banking and online payment services, digitally sign and transmit documents, and file Estonian taxes online. companies, Nord said.

Estonia first launched e-residency in 2014 to attract international businesses and increase the country’s international recognition in digital business, Nord wrote. Currently, Estonia has over 84,000 e-residents from 170 countries who have established 16,000 businesses. Estonia encourages business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants who want to start a business in the European Union to apply for electronic residency.

It’s important to note what e-residency is not, Nord wrote. It is not a travel document, citizenship or actual residency, but a digital identity through which anyone in the world can set up a business. Electronic residency does not affect or change current citizenship or residency, Nord wrote.

Wyoming has prepared particularly well for its own e-residency program, as legislation passed by the blockchain subcommittee over the past five years – from a 2018 bill allowing the use of electronic documents of company to a 2021 bill defining corporate digital identity – has created a friendly climate for digital businesses, said Raza Khan, a New York-based information technology entrepreneur.

However, only businesses with physical locations in the state can currently benefit from state policies, Khan said. This is where e-residency comes in.

“I myself am interested in a number of policies that Wyoming is developing, but I may not be able to participate in them given where I am geographically at any given time,” Khan said. “At the same time, it’s not like everyone in America can move to Wyoming. I don’t think it’s going to be successful from an infrastructure perspective, despite how beautiful the state is. So I think that this creates this interesting opportunity and demand for e-residency.

Collin Kinniry, an intern for blockchain infrastructure development and research organization Blockchain Commons, said an e-residency program in Wyoming could boost the state’s reputation for enterprise by serving businesses. without a current physical footprint.

“The overriding concern does not need to bring physical businesses into Wyoming,” Kinniry said in written comments to the committee. “The well-founded practice of angling promising businesses to relocate to your state is practical, but it misses the potential for what economic development will become. Physical buildings are no longer necessary for start-ups… E-residency offers the next best companies the opportunity to launch on an easy-to-access platform with less bureaucracy.

Kinniry went on to say that some of the e-residents could potentially physically relocate to Wyoming as they grow and expand.

“Businesses that scale and desire physical spaces already know and are connected to the state of Wyoming,” Kinniry said. “Certainly, Wyoming offers these companies room for growth.”

If the e-residency program progresses, it would be offered to businesses for a fee, which could increase state revenue. Khan estimated that the program could bring in up to $1.2 billion in revenue for the state.

Beyond financial incentives, there are other values ​​for implementing an e-residency program, said Christopher Allen, founder of Blockchain Commons. For example, Allen argued that e-residents could be beneficial partners for startups in the state.

“If you just look at the Estonian example, there are hard numbers of how their own startup ecosystem has doubled or tripled due to the ease with which other companies and organizations can partner with the emerging startup scene. startups,” Allen said. “The synergistic effect of local, American and international businesses working together has had a big impact there.”

No decisions were made at the meeting, and blockchain committee co-chair Sen. Chris Rothfuss, D-Laramie, said there was still much to discuss and consider as the state considered the benefits and the disadvantages of an e-residency program.

“I think it’s a very interesting space, and there’s a lot to explore,” Rothfuss said. “I’m not entirely sure of all the things we can and can’t do, but we have to understand that.”

The delayed state program to provide the poor and the elderly with food from farmers’ markets https://noomore.org/the-delayed-state-program-to-provide-the-poor-and-the-elderly-with-food-from-farmers-markets/ Fri, 17 Jun 2022 05:03:48 +0000 https://noomore.org/the-delayed-state-program-to-provide-the-poor-and-the-elderly-with-food-from-farmers-markets/

By Jack Brammer
NKyTribune journalist

A state program that provides locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at Kentucky farmers’ markets to low-income, nutritionally at-risk seniors has been delayed a month this year.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program usually begins June 1 and ends Oct. 31, but its start this year has been delayed to July 1, said Kirk Hilbrecht, spokesman for the department headed by Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles.

The state administers the program, which is funded by federal dollars.

Hilbrecht said the delay was due to the need to switch payments to attendees this year from paper vouchers to electronic cards with a QR code or an app on a smartphone.

He said the banking institution the department has used for the past few years no longer processes paper vouchers and the department had to find a new means of payment.

Even with the delay, Hilbrecht said, there’s “plenty of time to shop” for groceries at participating state-approved farmers’ markets because the program runs through Oct. 31.

The program reaches approximately 12,500 Kentucky residents and 103 farmers’ markets across the state.

Covington Farmers Market

Alexa Abner, manager of Covington Farmers Market, said she was getting phone calls “constantly daily” asking for information about the delay. She also manages the distribution of state payments to participants in Kenton County.

“People were ready to go on June 1 and wondered what was going on,” she said. “We tell them that the state had to switch from paper checks to electronic cards and the change took time.”

She said anyone with questions about the program and the market can call her at 859-888-0570.

Abner said attendees will still be able to get the majority of fresh fruits and vegetables available this year since the program runs until the end of October, but will miss out on early spring produce like sweet peas and radishes. .

She called the program a “success for everyone involved” and said the Covington market also participates in Kentucky Double Dollars, a program that offers financial incentives of up to $16 per person to market participants. senior farmers. It is a project of the Community Farm Alliance of Berea.

Newport Farmer’s Market

The Covington Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in downtown Covington on 3rd Street between Greenup Street and Court Street. Parking is available in the Kenton County parking lot at 220 Madison Avenue.

Tyler Offerman, food justice officer for the Kentucky Equal Justice Center in Lexington, said he “heard from several program participants that the changes surprised them and that the communication about the delays was confusing.”

He said the program is beneficial to participants and farmers’ markets. The Kentucky Equal Justice Center was established in 1976 to work with the state’s civil legal services programs. It serves as a watchdog and advocate for low-income Kentuckians of all ages.

In the state’s Senior Farmer Nutrition Program, a participant receives $48 on the card or in the app.

To be a participant, a person must be 60 plus a day or older at the time of the broadcast and must meet certain income guidelines. They are listed on the ministry’s website at https://www.kyagr.com/consumer/senior-farmer-market.html.

Products that can be purchased at farmers’ markets are also specified on the website.

They include fruits, vegetables, honey and culinary herbs.

Foods that are not eligible include produce that is not local and not grown in Kentucky, such as citrus fruits, certain herbal medicines, meats, eggs, and cheese.

There are regular farmers markets in Newport, Boone County, Independence, Campbell County and Fort Thomas.

Husson will receive $2.2 million to boost its unique extended reality program https://noomore.org/husson-will-receive-2-2-million-to-boost-its-unique-extended-reality-program/ Wed, 15 Jun 2022 05:00:00 +0000 https://noomore.org/husson-will-receive-2-2-million-to-boost-its-unique-extended-reality-program/

Husson University will receive $2.2 million from the Harold Alfond Foundation to train more students in extended reality technologies that allow people to mix reality with virtual experiences for training and various other purposes.

The School of Technology and Innovation’s iEX Center, which is located at Husson’s College of Business, will receive the grant as part of an effort to educate students and meet a growing need for knowledgeable workers. emerging technologies.

Extended Reality is an umbrella term that refers to three-dimensional computing environments that allow users to interact with their surroundings using immersive devices such as virtual reality goggles or that superimpose artificial realities onto their real environment at using devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

The Pokémon Go mobile game used augmented reality technology to allow users to “catch” digital cartoon monsters using their real-time locations and physical surroundings.

Social media giant Meta sells a virtual headset, the Oculus Quest, which uses a display screen, sensors, handheld controllers and sound to allow the user to engage in real-life gaming environments. virtual and to block its real environment.

Husson is a of only a some universities in the United States which offers a degree in extended reality. Husson’s iEX Center, located in Harold Alfond Hall on the university’s Bangor campus, began allowing students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in extended reality last fall.

The iEX Center will use the foundation grant to hire more staff, purchase equipment and continue to excel as New England’s leading extended reality institute, said Brave Williams, associate professor and director of the iEX Center.

iEX Center students built a three-dimensional virtual courtroom to simulate a mock trial and are developing a project that would allow hospitality students to simulate the experience of serving customers at Geaghan’s Pub in Bangor, Williams said.

Students at the iEX center took three-dimensional scans and 360-degree videos of Geaghan’s interior to allow hospitality students to learn how to serve food and perform other transactions in a virtual environment.

“As people work in [virtual reality] environments, they learn much faster because they have the information they need in the context they need,” Williams said. “It’s presented in the way they need in the environment, which they need. And they are able to interact with it more intuitively.

Another iEX Center project has students design an augmented reality app that allows set designers to see their work brought to the stage at Husson’s Gracie Theatre, he said.