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Can Youth’s first life skills manual on children’s rights, mental health, addictions and leadership for young people and adolescents was launched on March 12.

Dimapur, March 12 (MExN): Can Youth launched its first life skills manual on child rights, mental health, addictions and leadership for young people and adolescents on March 12.

The Life Skills Handbook was initiated by Dr. Chiekroshuyi Tetseo, Additional Director and State Nodal Officer of the National Tobacco Control Program, Department of Health and Family Welfare Branch, Dr. C Keso, Deputy Director and State Program Administrator of the National Mental Health Program, Directorate of Health and Family. Wetshete Thopi, Assistant Professor, Patkai Christian College and Tsenthungo Nyamo, President of Dimapur Urban Chairman Council Federation (DUCCF).

The program was attended by networking partners from various organizations, the Department of Health and Family Welfare, youth leaders and institutions, said a press release issued by Can Youth.

President of Tsenthungo Nyamo (DUCCF), said that the rights of the child is an important issue because with the advancement of civilization, more issues and problems have arisen and as a leader. He encouraged young people to be responsible citizens and to be aware of what are the rights of the child in order to ensure the protection and development of children in a very effective way.

Dr. C Keso said this life skills manual is what we need in this hour to bring positive health into the minds of young people. He mentioned that at any given time, 6-7% of our Indians suffer from mental illness, about 9-10% of Indians suffer from common mental disorders. He talked about the importance of awareness and life skills through which we can reach out to the community and society at large.

Dr Tetseo talked about the importance and significance of the life skills session which was silent for a long time, the importance of which people did not realize, and that is the reason why young people lack basic skills, creativity and critical thinking, communicate effectively, empathize with others to deal with challenges. He mentioned that churches and schools should emphasize life skills to foster the holistic development of young people. He talked about how the younger generation is more vulnerable to addiction and substance abuse and we need to target young adults to stop leading them in that direction.

Wetshete Thopi, Assistant Professor, Patkai Christian College, emphasized the generation gap and how each generation has its own problems and solutions. He also said that the current situation is where the older generation is trying to convey an old solution to the new problems, so the younger generation does not have enough platform and space to come up with a creative solution. He said freedom should be given to young people to operate and work on the ground for a better society. It encourages young people to improve their skills to bring development in themselves and towards the community with quality and productivity.

A short animated video on tobacco was presented, produced by Can Youth with the aim of raising awareness among adolescents and young people through which they can reach out to the community and society.

Jenpu Rongmei, Chief Officer, Can Youth, in her welcome note, spoke about the lack of space and opportunities among young people who are facing problems today. He also highlighted how young people can be the leaders of tomorrow.

The program was chaired by Suikolie Hinglak, facilitator of the Development 4 Adolescent project. Sentiwati, Project Coordinator, Development 4 Adolescent offered the vote of thanks.

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