Best Apple Watch deals for March 2022

The best fitness watch for men, the Apple Watch range is quite varied in terms of price and features. That’s why we’ve helped you out by reviewing the best Apple Watch deals so there’s something for everyone here. Whether you want the latest and greatest, or are ready to go for something a little older, there are some great Apple Watch deals out there. Read on as we tell you all about them.

Best Apple Watch Deals

  • Apple Watch SE — $244, was $279
  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm — $349, was $399
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm — $379, was $429

Apple Watch SE – $249, was $279

Why buy

  • Stylish look
  • Perfect for receiving notifications
  • Extensive activity tracking
  • Tracks heart rate

The Apple Watch SE is the ideal Apple Watch for those looking to save money while still benefiting from the main features provided by the Apple Watch line. It looks great with a 40mm screen which means you can see everything clearly with its many different features. In its simplest form, it offers notifications that you would normally need to see on your phone. You can see alerts such as calendar appointments, reminders, and even a warning if your food delivery is in progress. You can also use it to take calls or answer texts directly from your wrist, without having to take out your phone. In addition, it is an ideal aid for health and fitness.

This is because it will track your workouts and daily activities. Apple Watch SE tracks your daily steps, number of stairs you’ve walked, calories burned, and more. However, it also fits better when you are working out. You can track a range of activities, from your walks and runs to your strength training, yoga or even tai chi. Either way, the Apple Watch SE pulls all this information together so you can see how you’re improving over the weeks and months. An extensive rewards program also helps to motivate you.

Elsewhere, the Apple Watch SE is smart enough to monitor some potential health issues. It is able to alert you if your heart rate is suddenly high or low. It also detects any irregular heartbeats and notifies you if there is a problem. Although it does not replace dedicated medical equipment, it could be an excellent early warning system if you have a health problem. Sleek and practical, it’s a smartwatch you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm – $379, was $399

Apple Watch Series 7 at a side angle against a white background while displaying the time.

Why buy

  • Large always-on Retina display
  • Crack resistant screen
  • Measures blood oxygen levels
  • ECG app

If you can afford it, buy the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm. It’s a high-end device that currently offers the most functionality possible on an Apple Watch. It has the same sleek look that we’ve all come to love on Apple’s smartwatches with a slightly larger screen than before thanks to its 41mm display. That screen is more than just bigger – it’s an always-on Retina display so you can always see what’s going on, giving you a more watch-like experience.

Plus, it has almost 20% more screen real estate than its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6, so you can see everything much more clearly and easily. The display is also Apple’s most crack-resistant front crystal to date, so it’s a little sturdier than before. It also offers IP6X dust resistance and a swim-proof design that’s capable of keeping up with you all day, no matter what you’re doing.

On top of all that, the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm is as smart as you’d expect. It will track all of your notifications and monitor all of your activity, giving you great insight into your performance throughout the day. It also has a blood oxygen monitor and an ECG app that tracks your heart rate and looks for any abnormalities such as a sudden high or low heart rate. Other features include the ability to sync all your favorite music and podcasts to your Apple Watch, so you don’t have to look at your phone too often. You can even use it to pay for goods with Apple Pay support.

Apple Watch Series 7 45mm – $409, was $429

Apple Watch Series 7 on a white background displaying a minimalist watch face.

Why buy

  • Big screen
  • nice look
  • Extensive tracking features
  • Robust design

The Apple Watch Series 7 45mm is the ultimate Apple Watch right now. It has it all, great looks, useful features and a sturdy design that can handle a busy lifestyle. Best of all, if you have a wider wrist than most or just need to be able to see things more clearly, this is the smartwatch for you. That’s thanks to its large 45mm always-on Retina display. It looks fantastic, boasting 20% ​​more screen real estate than the Apple Watch Series 6. That makes it much easier to see and use than other smartwatches if you hate having to squint at what you see.

This screen is also Apple’s most crack-resistant front crystal to date on an Apple Watch. In conjunction, it offers IP6X dust resistance as well as a swim-proof design, so you can use it in the pool as well as in dusty environments. It’s much sturdier than the average Apple Watch before it, so you don’t have to worry about being so delicate with it.

Along with all that, the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm is super smart. Sure, it keeps tabs on your notifications from your phone, but it does so much more than that. It also helps you measure your blood oxygen levels with a powerful sensor and an app that gives you pretty accurate readings. Moreover, you can use its ECG app to check your heart rate anytime and anywhere, giving you great peace of mind. It also sends notifications whenever you experience a high or low heart rate, up to a ping if your heartbeat suddenly becomes irregular. Add extensive activity tracking, mindfulness features and the ability to instantly pay with Apple Pay, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this fantastic smartwatch.

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