Atlantic Packaging: A New Earth project targets ocean pollution

Have you ever seen a surfer riding a waste wave? If not, you still need to log in Journey to a New Earthan eight-part series airing on Outside TV and Fuel TV.

These episodes are the first of several documentaries in development produced to raise awareness of the environmental impact generated by non-recyclable packaging that ends up in the world’s waterways. Shared through first-hand accounts from some of the world’s best-known surfers, the program fuels the larger mission of the A New Earth project, launched by Atlantic Packaging.

Pro surfers like Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny, Vaihiti Mahana, Carlos Munoz and Koa Smith serve as global advocates, signed by the packaging company as the public rallies in a collective mission to eliminate plastic pollution from oceans, lakes and rivers.

A New Earth Project / Outdoor Television

“Surfing has given me the unique opportunity to travel and see firsthand the devastating impact of single-use plastics on our oceans,” Lenny said in a statement. “That’s why it’s really important to me to partner with A New Earth Project and lend my voice to the conversation about how important sustainable packaging is to the health of our planet.”

Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging, founded this coalition of outdoor enthusiasts and packaging suppliers in 2021 to come together to make recyclable curbside packaging products more accessible to businesses and consumers. consumers. As an outdoorsman himself, Carter realized he could use his meaningful voice as the leader of the world’s largest private packing company.

“As a lifelong surfer and fisherman, I’ve spent my life traveling to these places,” Carter said. “I started seeing in Indonesia, Hawaii, the west coast of Africa, things were getting worse and worse and the packaging was a big part of that.”

As a major player in this supply chain, Carter knew that Atlantic Packaging could play an important role in bringing about constructive change.

“That was the catalyst for the A New Earth project and is central to this strategic collaboration,” Carter said. “Atlantic Packaging has a seat at the table of the world’s largest consumer products companies. We are in a unique position to have both the ability, and what I believe to be the responsibility, to drive the changes that need to happen.

Building on Atlantic Packaging’s 75-year history, this initiative not only raises awareness, but delivers tangible solutions through the New Earth Approved Catalog, a collection of products and capabilities that align with key sustainability, including manufacturing from renewable resources and 100% recycling of materials that do not harm wildlife or ecosystems.

The New Earth Approved catalog brings the purchasing power and delivery capabilities of Atlantic Packaging to businesses of all sizes. It started, of course, with surfboards. Atlantic Packaging now partners with three of the biggest board manufacturers, including Pyzel Surfboards.

“We shipped so many boards directly to people, and the amount of plastic we were using was overwhelming,” Jon Pyzel, founder of Pyzel Surfboards, said in a statement. “We knew it was a big deal and we had to do something about it.”

Atlantic Packaging, through A New Earth Project, provided them with a solution: the S3 Pro system, which offers enough materials to pack and ship 30 plastic-free surfboards.

“When the A New Earth Project team came back with the S3, it gave us the opportunity to remove all single-use plastic from our surfboard shipping system and replace it with a fully recyclable option in curb,” Pyzel said. “This change makes our packaging a meaningful brand attribute and signals to our customers that we are doing our part to be more sustainable.”

In addition to surf packages, New Earth now offers fiber-based wraps, paper-based protective sleeves, biodegradable paper, and more. Not only does Atlantic Packaging push this green paradigm, but it also serves as an example of a packaging industry that is rapidly improving.

“In my more than 20 years in this company, I have never seen so much innovative energy due to sustainability. Everyone is trying to create new sustainable solutions,” Carter said. “20-30% of the 40-50 green products weren’t even available 10 years ago.

Although there is significant ocean pollution at a multitude of beaches around the world, this massive shift towards reducing the environmental impact of packaging gives hope for positive change for Carter.

“It starts here, at home, in the United States. I see a clear path, but the question is, can we get there fast enough?” Carter asked. “This should be the moon landing of our generation. we don’t focus on whether we can do it – we have to do it. There is no other option.

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