Announcing New TSplus Setup for Product Bundle Installation

This week, TSplus has just released its new Setup Bundle, which allows bundle customers to install and update all of their TSplus products in a single unified user interface. This addition meets the objective of integrating all the products of the TSplus range into a complete remote access solution.

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Jul 13, 2022 4:00 PM CEST

IRVINE, Calif., July 13, 2022 ( –
A new setup, allowing Bundle customers to install all the TSplus products they want from a single program, is now released and available.

The installer allows customers who have purchased more than one TSplus product to manage them from one place: they can easily select one or all of them for installation and/or one-time update.

TSplus integrates all of its remote access solutions into a single bundled configuration

Since March this year, TSplus offers its customers to buy its various software together in attractive bundles. TSplus solutions complement each other, providing secure, reliable and easy-to-use remote access technology to publish and deploy applications to a network of connected devices:

  • Remote access to enable Windows Web applications or a full remote desktop and make them available from any device using the Internet.
  • Advanced Security to ensure that remote sessions and data shared via remote access remain protected against cybercrime and malicious behavior.
  • 2FA to prevent anyone with stolen credentials from logging into a corporate web portal through a two-step verification process.
  • Server monitoring to track server usage and status, monitor user behavior on remote sessions, and ensure that the installation remains healthy and performing.
  • Remote Support to enable IT departments to provide fast and efficient remote troubleshooting through screen sharing and remote PC control.

Purchasing the full software suite allows administrators and IT management to ensure that servers and connections remain secure, available, and optimized to always maintain the highest level of productivity.

The result is reduced IT costs and investments, less training time, and greater flexibility for users to work from anywhere. Each TSplus product is available individually at a competitive price and buying a combination of them in one bundle makes it even more interesting.

Some time ago, TSplus innovated a single license file and “key” for all software orders and updates belonging to the same customer to simplify license management. With this new configuration, the developer goes even further in its mission to facilitate network administration and technical support with a more integrated solution.

Download any TSplus software and test it for free for 15 days. Or buy them and install them in a bundle.

Source: TSplus Corp.

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