Albany Med Health System strengthens its program in 2022 to provide better care

The Albany Med Health System works with three area hospitals: Columbia Memorial, Saratoga Hospital, and Glens Falls Hospital.

They offer 10 different integrated services: drug addiction medicine, breast surgery, cardiology, colorectal surgery, ENT surgery, obstetrics, orthopedic surgery, pathology, radiology and vascular surgery.

Lisa Paterniti, a resident of Greene County, has taken full advantage of the partnership. She can now receive the same treatment at the Columbia Memorial as in Albany.

In 2018, doctors discovered a tumor in his lung. She had the operation at Albany Med, but since then she has been doing all of her exams much closer to home.

Her driving time is cut in half now that she drives to the Columbia Memorial in Hudson.

Paterniti even sees the same doctors since she was first diagnosed, and they can share all the relevant medical records.

Paterniti said the transition has been easy.

“This is where all my doctors are located. They are based there,” she said. “Now that they’re all together with the same medical records and everything, it’s like my whole team is together and on the same page, and they can all see all of my results all the time.”

Albany Med Health System officials are working to improve it.

Dennis McKenna, President and CEO of the Healthcare System, said that one thing every patient expects when you go to the doctor is for all of your information to be available and available to any provider who deals with you.

That’s why they switch to a single electronic medical record. It creates a common language.

Doctors and providers who care for patients have the information stored and it is immediately available.

“Right now the information is being exchanged, but we’re going to do it in a way that it’s much more transparent going forward, and we’re going to file it on a single platform,” McKenna said. .

This means that no matter which hospital a person goes to within the Albany Med Health System, their information will be accessible to doctors at the same time. It is for hospitals and ambulatory centers.

McKenna said this new part of the program will launch in 2022. He expects to see benefits over the next two years.

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