Air Travel News: Frontier Cadet Program Requires No Experience

Dubbed the summer of travel hell for air travel, increased travel demand and a severe labor shortage have caused thousands of canceled and delayed flights in recent months. Now, airlines are doing whatever it takes to avoid these problems in the future. And in the case of Frontier, that means creating a new training program for aspiring pilots, no flight experience required. Learn more about this flight training program and see if you have what it takes to become a pilot.

The Air Cadet Program and Frontier’s Goals

To combat the nationwide pilot shortage, Frontier Airlines came up with a creative solution to attract new talent: the Air Cadet Program. What makes this program so unique, however, is that it does not require trainees to have previous flight experience.

With this new $8 million pilot recruiting strategy, the company hopes to avoid staffing challenges for years to come. Brad Lambert, vice president of flight operations for Frontier Airlines, told NBC News, “We really want to provide an opportunity for aspiring pilots. We also want to be able to control our destiny in the future.

Looking ahead, the company sees this program as an important step in its future growth. The airline currently has more than 100 planes in service, and with 230 on order, they are expected to triple in size. “We’re still going to be hiring on the street, and we’re still going to have other programs in place, but this program at least ensures we have the minimum number of teams we need to move forward,” Lambert said. .

An accessible but complete training

Frontier’s flight program is open to anyone who wants to learn to fly. Just because you don’t need any flight experience to apply for the program doesn’t mean the application process will be any less intensive. Each month, 35 cadets will be chosen to undergo comprehensive training at an ATP flight school.

Once selected, cadets will complete an extensive two-year training program, spend 15 hours in the sky, and earn their airline pilot license. Their progress will be monitored in the same way as Frontier pilots before them, which means they will have to pass all the required tests and obtain all the necessary certifications.

After receiving their Air Transport License, cadets will travel to the Frontier Airlines Main Training Center for additional training. They will spend another 40 hours in a commercial aircraft flight simulator. Then cadets will transition from co-pilots and eventually flight captains.

Two pilots in the cockpit of an airplane

Ready to become a pilot?

If you are interested in joining the program, you will face some serious competition. Since applications opened earlier this year, more than 500 people have applied. And if you do, your bank account could take a serious hit. The flight school costs $90,000 in total, though Frontier plans to offer stipends and financial support before the cadets start working full-time with the company. And while the price seems expensive at first, the average first-year first officer salary is around $100,000, so it might just be worth it in the long run.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? With the Frontier Cadet Program, you can finally get your chance. The program makes learning to fly accessible to everyone, even with its intensive application process and high tuition fees. And this program is not only ideal for budding pilots; more pilots also means better air travel. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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