9 best vegan meal kit services to subscribe in 2021


There are plenty of reasons why subscribing to a meal kit delivery service makes sense these days, especially if you’re looking for vegan options. Perhaps the main reason is that finding dinner recipes and finding ingredients for new, creative meal options can be overwhelming. If you are strictly vegan, you should look for vegan food products and brands. And you might think that some products are vegan, when they turn out not to be.

Whether you lead an all-vegan lifestyle or strut around here and there, here are the best vegan meal kit services to check out in 2021.


While Trifecta is not a fully vegan company and the meals are already prepared (so there are no “kits”), they stand out from the crowd in many ways. All of their meals are prepared by chefs trained in nutrition to provide the most nutrient-dense meals. In addition, all of their ingredients are organic. They offer free shipping to all 50 states and are more affordable than some other similar companies. One potential downside is that you are a fan of your meal choice; this service may not be for you. You must accept a weekly menu of the chef’s choice.

Daily harvest

Vegan Ice Cream from Daily Harvest.

If you like choice, Daily Harvest has arguably the largest selection of vegan options out there. This all-vegan business offers everything from creative vegetable-based “flatbreads” to dairy-free ice cream. While all of her recipes are straightforward, most involve some level of cooking. So if you are looking for ready meals, there are many other companies on this list that offer this option.

Purple carrot

A vegan meal from Purple Carrot.

Purple Carrot is another vegan meal service that offers the option of kits and pre-made options. This is a great option for the person who wants to cook occasionally, but not all the time. Purple Carrot also offers a small “Planterie” of herbal ingredients like pulled jackfruit or plant-based Italian sausage.


A pre-made vegan meal from Sprinly.

If you say “No! To preservatives, refined sugar and gluten, then you’ll want to say “Yes!” To Springly. Like Trifecta, Sprinly only offers pre-made organic dishes. The difference is that you have the option to choose from a weekly seasonal menu. You’ll pay a premium for this option, but if you like knowing what to expect, it might be worth it.


A vegan meal from Veestro.

Veestro is another fully vegan pre-made meal delivery company that is focused on weight loss. You have the option of choosing your à la carte meals between 10, 20 or 30 meals per week. Or, you can choose his weight loss meal plan which gives you the choice of a five or seven day program that provides three meals a day. All of the weight loss option daily meals have a total of 1,200 calories or less.


Mosaic Foods vegan grain bowls.

Despite the stigma surrounding frozen food, Mosaic believes there are many benefits to freezing food as long as you use healthy ingredients. Mosaic ships ready-made meals in the microwave, oven or casserole that take time to prepare. You can order pre-made vegan soups, family style bowls or platters. All of their soup options are 100% vegan, but they offer vegetarian and meat-based options in their other categories.

Hungry root

A vegan meal from Hungry Root.

If you consider yourself a home chef and want to cook all of your plant-based meals, Hungry Root is a great option. When you subscribe to Hungry Root, you get access to its recipe database. Then you choose the recipes you like and order the raw materials. This saves you from having to go to the grocery store, but still makes you feel like you’ve been shopping.

Green chef

A vegan meal from Green Chef.

Green Chef is purely a meal kit service that isn’t strictly vegan or vegetarian, but has some great deals. Green Chef is a perfect option if you want to cut out the grocery shopping and portioning of ingredients while cooking. They have a rotating weekly menu of mostly vegan vegetarian options. You just have to be careful not to choose a vegetarian offer that might contain non-vegan ingredients.


Boycemode is a New Jersey herbal nutritional passion project started by founder Sam Boyce. He formulated a plant-based diet that helped him lose weight and improve his overall health. Boycemode has great customer reviews, is much more affordable than similar programs offered by other companies, and even offers a catering service. The downside is that it is only available in 21 states, being a smaller company. However, as it grows, its service area will also increase. So keep an eye out if he’s not currently delivering to your state.

What are the benefits of vegan meal kit services

When you sign up for a meal kit delivery service that advertises vegans (especially if they claim to be certified vegans), you can be sure that’s what you are getting. If a food supplier does not live up to these claims, they can face crippling lawsuits.

You’ll have to pay a premium when subscribing to a meal kit service, but you get a lot of value. With a quality vegan meal kit service, you get recipes developed by chefs with portioned ingredients. With some companies, you have the option of receiving prepared meals.

The other obvious benefit of a vegan meal kit delivery service is convenience. Not only do you not have to leave your house, but you don’t have to worry about the ingredients. These days, it’s hard to count on a specific item in your local grocery store. The retail food industry is still trying to recover from food shortages due to supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic. So why not let the meal providers worry about it?

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