4H Gambia guides the CAs on board the manual and the strategic plan –

By: Haruna Kuyateh

4H Gambia, a local NGO affiliated with 4H Norway, has completed its two-day training program for its board members and staff on the implementation of its new 2021-2025 strategic plan coupled with the use of the board manual.

The training, among others, aimed at harnessing human resource development and, by extension, promoting good governance and transparency, and was held in Farafenni, in the North Shore region.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of 4H Gambia, however, described the training as important and would lead to effective management and the promotion of social responsibility at all levels.

Musa Samura 4H Gambia Board Chairman stressed the importance of staff capacity building and noted that the two-day convergence would serve as an induction training for new board members.

He said that the training on the implementation of the strategic plan would enable members to adopt appropriate strategies and action plan on the implementation of the plan.

Alieu Ceesay, National Director of the 4H Gambia program thanked the prescription consulting firm Managers led by veteran community development expert Ousman Sonko for their invaluable support and cooperation to the NGO over the years.

He noted that the development of a board manual is a requirement, as it would help promote good governance and strategic direction for members to effectively contribute to the purpose and aspirations of the agency. The principle of 4H is a clear hand, a warm heart, an intelligent hand and good health.

The Director reiterated that the development of the new strategic plan to replace the old one is in line with the affiliate body in Norway and that it would help mobilize resources at local and international levels.

He therefore took the opportunity to thank the development partners inside and outside the country for their support for the development of young people, the restoration of forest cover, the capacity building of young people on agriculture. sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Ousman Sonko, senior consultant, also made remarks at the conclusion of the training event.

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